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  • skinnyfatgirl - I feel like ME again

    My cousin talked me into this. I was extremely skeptical - have been a horrible dieter my whole life - I always feel deprived and have to cheat. But I was already too heavy from a sedentary job/lifestyle - and then my husband left me and I packed on 15 extra "comfort food" pounds. So I figured - I'll try anything for 30 days. Also - another relative who is a medical doctor (internist) vetted the system and the entire ingredient list and gave it a thumbs-up so that gave me some comfort as well. Well, I lost 13 lbs in those 30 days and more importantly - I lost more than FIVE INCHES around my waist. I am a menopausal woman - you know how hard that abdominal fat is to lose at this time of life - I thought it was there for good! But all of a sudden I feel like the layers are just melting away - returning me to the person I remember being. I feel like a million bucks - all my pants fit (and are falling off) - I look hot - and I am STILL losing weight. Not as fast as the first 30 days, but it has been steady, and the inches continue to come off as well -- not just waist but arms and legs, my face is noticeably thinner, etc. I have found the diet super easy to follow and it fits in well with my lifestyle. I still go out to eat - I still eat treats (but I don't crave them anymore so when I do eat them I only have a bite or two and that is all I want), I still drink wine. I don't feel deprived. And I never feel hungry - in fact I often feel downright full, which makes it easy to turn down extra helpings and office birthday cake. Let me also say that I have not been exercising AT ALL - I continue to be really sedentary although I am planning to change that - so this weight loss is not aided by exercise/calorie burning. Time will tell if the weight stays off - but I have lost weight before and then rebounded. This feels completely different - very healthy and maintainable. It is kind of expensive - but the whole system works together amazingly well - I have stopped taking most of the other supplements I was taking (and I was taking a LOT of them) and I buy fewer groceries so it probably comes close to netting out. Anyway I can't think of an investment that has been worth more to me than recovering my health, my shape and my self-esteem.

  • Mr. Hard to Please - Great informative book

    This book is perfect for figuring out how to work with Excel. I have used Excel for many years, but using this book, I have learned countless new tricks I didn't even know were possible before. It is very well written and easy to follow.

  • BRGrits - Fixing what's not broken

    I've used Quicken for over a decade. I manage the personal accounts for 9 clients, plus myself, and spend a lot of time every day on Quicken. I generally upgrade every one-to-two years. I've been using Quicken 2011 for one day and so far I'm really missing Quicken 2010.

  • Amazon Customer - Hated I Wasted My Money

    I just happened to see this commercial and decided to write my experience. I hate seeing the commercial because it says you don't have to exercise or change your habits. I took the pills the way i was supposed to. I lost no weight. I started working out, and I lost water weight. I took the whole bottle, and I didn't see any difference from what I would get if I had taken a water pill. Now I currently take a combination of Tonalin CLA 30 mins before breakfast and lunchand Super B Complex, Garcinia Cambogia, and Raspberry Ketone in the mornings. I've started to lose inches with no exercising. Don't waste your money on this! I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased it. All I heard was you don't have to exercise and jumped on it. That's what I get for being lazy.

  • Aimili - the smell has changed, sooo disapponited.

    I kept buying this product for my kids becuase the smell was so wonderful. Many of my friends started using this products because of the smell too. But the latest shipment I received a few days ago has a totally different frangrance and different consistency. It is a lot more watery and has a very strong honey smell, which my kids don't like at all. I wish they could go back to the original formula...

  • Raul Medina - Perfect Deal for my K-45 Elite !

    They Fit Just Perfect ! It's a nice deal to have 2 cup holders just in case you lose one again, it also came with a replacement gasket for the needle in the top. I'm glad I chose this option.

  • Southwest Lady - Orange Sherbet/Creamsicle Aroma!

    I am way beyond my pregnant years, but I have stretch marks and dry skin, so I wanted to try this. This butter smells so good you’ll want to eat it! It really does have an aroma of something between orange sherbet and Creamsicle.