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  • Doug Liser - Great for your mother-in-law

    This is an amazing little machine. I set it up for my mother in law in Latin America. Plugged in a USB hub (4 port unpowered Amazon Basics), wired USB keyboard and mouse and USB Plantronics headset. Monitor is Samsung 1920 x 1200. Audio out works fine over HDMI. Windows 10 went through a few hours of updates and then loaded language packs in Spanish no problem. Runs Skype, Libreoffice and shares files on OneDrive. My son tried Minecraft but got only 3-5 fps so definitely not for gaming. Runs a bit warm. Hope it holds up. It's probably as fast as her 5+ year old desktop and consumes almost no space and no power.

  • english_august - The worst $75 ever spent on a bag!

    This is probably the worst bag I have ever bought. Sorry, that's not right. This is the worst bag I have ever bought. Now, I will give you that some of the criticisms that I outline below may not be valid because strictly speaking, this is a messenger bag and not a more general purpose, versatile shoulder bag. Perhaps being sleek and carried by a messenger on a bike in the streets of New York or San Fransisco (where Timbuk2 is based) is its sole purpose in life. If so, perhaps it does that job magnificently well and all those bike messengers are the reason behind the near devotional following of this bag and the almost 5 star ratings.

  • Amazon Customer - Broke the same day I got it!!

    So I just received it today and so I tried it out and it perfectly cooled a can. I wasn't going to use it for about another 10 minutes so I unplugged it. And when I plugged it in to use it again, none of the lights came on so it doesn't even work now. So on the same day it got here, it stopped working

  • N. Clark - Great little stroller

    Just started using this stroller with our 6 month old and so far really enjoying it. The ride is definitely not as smooth as our full-size stroller (Britax b-agile) but I think that's just how it goes with umbrella strollers. The folding mechanism is easy, though does take me both hands to do it. The height of the handlebars is great - even my 6'3" husband can use it comfortably. The basket is small but fits the essentials. I really like the safety strap release buckle - easier than on the b-agile. It feels solidly built.

  • Glenda Goehrs - Jim Collins Does It Again

    Reader-friendly GOOD TO GREAT is one of those rare books that presents important research findings, and then explains in a clear, concise and compelling manner how to take that learning and directly apply it to effect a good-to-great transformation in any company.

  • Paul Moreau - Not Very Accessible for the Blind

    PC Magazine gave Webroot high marks for system protection even though it uses a far different approach than do most firewall and antimalware products. While Webroot is extremely small and is very fast, PC Magazine indicated that it caught everything thrown at it even though the detection was not necessarily at the time other products would have caught the problem. Instead of pattern matching on downloads and installed items,to Webroot watches what is happening on the system and catches suspicious activity.