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  • Brian R. Sheridan - Pizzarelli's Outstanding Reassessment of Sir Paul's Post-Beatle Work

    Jazz guitarist/singer John Pizzarelli takes some of Sir Paul McCartney's best known, and many lesser known, post-Beatle work and demonstrates that with new jazz arrangements, his songs are still full of life and vitality. Pizzarelli invites his wife Jessica, daughter Maddie, brother Martin, and father (the legendary) Bucky to play along. They add to the fun feeling that permeates the entire project. For instance, just try not tap your foot and snap your fingers to the infectious "Let 'Em In" - it is the perfect antidote to a lousy day. As on all of Pizzarelli's recordings, his amazing, swinging guitar work is front and center plus his solid vocals. A "must have' for fans of good music whether you are a jazz fan or a pop music fan.

  • Lily Pop - Fair Skinned Beauty Looking For The Perfect Wrinkle Cream

    I ordered this product a few months ago, because I was desperately looking for a wrinkle cream (at a reasonable price) to get rid of my one line in my forehead (sounds pathetic I know). I'm in my 20s and started paying more attention to my face. I recently noticed a line in my forehead that I was not familiar with and it kinda bugged me. Actually, no. It REALLY bugged me!!! I did my research on Amazon and came across this wrinkle cream. Good reviews at a pretty good price. Great! I ordered it. Here is my review:

  • D. Taylor - Nope.

    When I purchased this product line the first time, I was led to believe it would help me regrow the hair I'd lost. I think that perhaps it was because the stylist misunderstood the definition of the term "thinning hair" as used by the product manufacturer. It is in reality, great for making thin hair look thicker, but it is not for the loss of hair at all and the manufacturer doesn't claim it is even tho' some reviews by customers imply this.

  • E. Ginder - Staying healthy makes more sense and costs so little!!

    I bought Shane's book on a whim while browsing through Border's bookstore. I knew I could get a better deal on IF I had wanted to wait for shipping. I chose to buy it right then. I'm very interested in natural remedies. By researching a more natural method and utilizing a Naturopath I was able to get my son off of stimulant medication for his ADHD. By utilizing digestive enzymes my "cookie cutter diagnosis" of Irritable Bowl Syndrome has vanished. I also take supplements that Shane talked about such Cinnamon and Milk Thistle. I have taken Valerian for sleep but use Melatonin so I am curious as to what the differences are. I take a Lutein and Bilberry for vision however I may change to the CarotenAll. My husband also takes a Saw Palmetto blend. Others such as Garlic and Turmeric are also well known and Shane makes it so easy to understand and research yourself with his references.