Ripple Foods: Dairy-Free Nutritious Milk Made From Peas - Ripple Foods offers a nutritious & delicious milk alternative that is 100% dairy-free, vegan, nut-, lactose- & gluten-free. Discover more about Ripple milk!

  • Dairy-Free Plant-Based Milk Alternatives | Ripple Foods - Ripple offers plant-based, dairy-free & nutrient-rich milk alternative that tastes as great as real milk. Discover Ripple milk and flavors it comes in!
  • Healthy Living With Plant Based Milk | Ripple Foods - Learn about Ripple Effect and how our plant-based milk can help you live a well-balanced life & eat healthfully. Better nutrition, without compromise.
  • Plant-Based Milk Alternatives & Environment | Ripple Foods - Find out how Ripple Foods helps make the world a little greener with GMO-free ingredients, less water use & lower carbon footprint in our production.
  • About Ripple Foods - a Plant Based Milk Company - With dairy-free, plant-based milk, we aim to serve health-focused consumers, while reducing the footprint on the environment. Learn more about Ripple Foods!
  • Where To Buy Ripple Milk | Ripple Foods - Wondering where you can buy our dairy-free, plant-based milk? Find the nearest store location that carries Ripple nutritious milk.
  • Original Dairy-Free Plant-Based Milk | Ripple Foods - Discover Ripple Original, 100% dairy-free, vegan, nut-, lactose- & gluten-free milk alternative. Best of all, it’s delicious & packed with nutrients!
  • Original Unsweetened Dairy-Free Plant-Based Milk | Ripple Foods - Discover Ripple Original Unsweetened, 100% vegan, lactose-free & GMO-free dairy alternative that is naturally sugar-free. And it's packed with nutrients!
  • Vanilla Dairy-Free Plant-Based Milk | Ripple Foods - Discover Ripple Vanilla, 100% dairy-free, plant-based, nutritious milk alternative, blended with natural vanilla flavor. 40% less sugar & GMO-free.
  • Chocolate Dairy-Free Plant-Based Milk | Ripple Foods - Discover Ripple Chocolate, dairy-free, vegan & nutrient-rich milk alternative, made with organic cocoa. And with less sugar! Perfect for chocolate lovers!

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