Home - Road to Recovery - Road to Recovery - Welcome to Addiction Resources in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This website is one of a variety of awareness and education initiatives to inform the community about the disease of addiction, promote prevention, and offer helpful resources - locally and beyond. There is help!

  • Seeking Help - Road to Recovery - If you are ready to take a step towards change, reach out and let others who understand help. Remember that you only need to take one step at a time.
  • For Others - Road to Recovery - Its heartbreaking to watch someone you love or care about abuse drugs or alcohol. Perhaps no one knows this better than you. One of the most difficult things to do is admit that a loved one has become addicted to a substance. Drug and alcohol addictions can affect many areas of life including family members, friends, financial stability, and the most importantly the health and welfare of the individual. Fortunately, with your support, they have a greater chance of overcoming their addiction. You are on the right path to find help for the one you care about.
  • For Myself - Road to Recovery - Every day people struggle to stop using alcohol and other drugs. They desire change; to have their lives back, to dream again and know they can live without the all-consuming preoccupation to use. They long to find restoration in relationships and to know the joy of living. If you feel trapped by addiction and ready for change, know that you are not alone. Many in our community have discovered that there is hope-There is a solution! They have found new life in sobriety.
  • Prevention - Road to Recovery - As a parent or caregiver, you play a vital role in influencing your choices around the use of alcohol and other drugs. Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their lives - hold regular conversations, attend after-school events, and listen to their problems - are less likely to drink, smoke, or use illegal drugs. Your words and your example can make all the difference in your child's life. Parents should set clear rules of "zero tolerance, zero-use" that insist on abstinence.
  • Warning Signs - Road to Recovery - Temper, Neglect, Suspicion, Work Absences, Arrests, Borrowing, Changed Attitude, Secretive, Isolation, Stealing
  • Behavioral Signs - Road to Recovery - General signs of substance abuse - Specific to IV Use (Heroin/Cocaine/Other) - Specific to Distribution of Substances
  • Physical Signs - Road to Recovery - General Signs of Use, Smoking Substances (Marijuana or Synthetics/Prescription Pills/Crack Cocaine/Heroin), Snorting Substances (Heroin/Cocaine/Prescription Pills), IV Substance Use (Heroin/Cocaine/Other)
  • Paraphernalia - Road to Recovery - THC Products or Synthetics (Inhalation/Smoking) - Marijuana - Synthetics - Butane Hash Oil/Wax - Prescription Pill Use (Inhalation/Snort/Oral) - Benzodiazepine - Opioids - Stimulants - Intravenous Use - Heroin - Cocaine - Prescription Opioids
  • Education - Road to Recovery - What is addiction? (the short definition) Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.
  • Treatment - Road to Recovery - Who Provides Treatment? Many different kinds of professionals provide treatment for substance use disorders. In most treatment programs, the main caregivers are specially trained individuals certified or licensed as substance abuse treatment counselors. About half these counselors are people who are in recovery themselves. Many programs have staff from several different ethnic or cultural groups. Most treatment programs assign patients to a treatment team of professionals. Depending on the type of treatment, teams can be made up of social workers, counselors, doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, or other professionals.
  • Resources - Road to Recovery - THERE IS HELP! When a person discovers that their friend or family member is suffering with an addiction, they often don’t know where to turn. The list below includes a variety of resources in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.
  • Personal Stories - Road to Recovery - “I drank as a teenager in (my) 20’s, experimented with drugs as a late teenager and early 20’s. I got away from drugs because I got married, had a family, responsibilities and obligations. At about 38 years old I realized that alcohol was a problem. I actually realized I was an alcoholic. My parents were alcoholics. I just knew I was an alcoholic. But I enjoyed opiates and I always had that in the back of my mind (thinking) 'I would like to do that again given the opportunity. Got sober at 40 years old and stayed sober for 10 years. I never addressed the drug thoughts with my sponsor at that time or anybody for that matter. Then I had an operation and got prescribed Vicodin. Did not drink but developed an affinity for opiates. Had the opportunity to purchase black market ‘percs’ (Percocet) and methadone, which would alleviate the withdrawals from the ‘percs’. I went on a 10 year run using opiates. I knew long before I sought help at 60 years old that I was addicted to the drugs.

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    City: -104.8582 Colorado, United States

  • pepper - Garbage product

    I was only looking for a way to monitor four cameras. I had no need for recording or any of the other claims this product was supposed to perform. I am very computer oriented so I thought if there's a way I would be able to figure it out. I took a chance and crapped out. I never did get it working and was unable to find software that would drive it. The disc supplied was absolutely useless. I guess that's the reason they only cost $8. If anyone out there finds out how to get this device to work please post it for the rest of us to follow. For all those on the fence about buying it, STAY AWAY!!

  • Yotoy - LCD digits not working

    It was nice while it worked, but a few weeks after owning it, the digits on the temperature started messing up. So the thing is pretty useless. Don't like to buy things again. It should have lasted at least a year. It sits on my bookshelf never moved or touched.

  • KK61350 - This product does nothing, except leave white chalky marks ...

    This product does nothing, except leave white chalky marks. It is not the Instantly Ageless made by Jeunesse. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

  • Kathy Keller - interstitial cystitis fast relief!

    After a major operation and an indwelling bladder catheter for several days, I developed a chronic bladder infection which I cured with an old native Indian herb (Uva Ursi) and keeping my urine alkaline. But I was still getting severe bladder pain! After research I discovered I had interstitial cystitis (damage to bladder lining). I heard about others having success with serrapeptase and I chose Doctor's Best and prime shipping. There was almost immediate relief! I follow the alkaline diet and take serrapeptase three times daily on on empty stomach. Now I seldom have the bladder pain and no more urgency to void every 30 minutes...Now, I can sleep at night and not rush to a bathroom every time I go shopping. Anyone who has been diagnosed with this MUST follow diet recommendations...use Prelief (or similar product) to reduce acid in foods and research acidity in supplements. ( I now have to use buffered vitamin C. ) Will I eventually repair my bladder? All I know is I'm not going to stop this program (with Serrapeptase) for a long's not worth the pain!

  • judith strasser - Is there a man out there who could survive this?

    I thought I would hate this book, but since my book club chose it, I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, it is on my top twenty books ever read. As I consider our 21st century men with their hip clothes, permed and colored hair, lively after shave, and life style of gym to pub to couch for an evening of reality shows, I ask the question: is there one out there who could live through this ordeal?