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  • Prinsbernhard - Piece of crap..

    This is a good looking machine that makes great waffles, bur after using it 15 or 16 times the machine decides to call it quits. Really annoying, you're standing there with a huge batch of home made batter and a hand full of promises and you have nothing to show for. Why aren't there any decent waffle makers on the market?

  • Richard L. Watts - Does not do what it says on the cover

    I read this book hoping to find advice on how to successfully overthrow a tyrannical warmist regime. But there is no details within on how to make gunpowder or bombs contained - not even contact numbers for my local far-right militia! Fail! Nor does THE CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION contain the sort of information I have expected from Mr Bernadi such as graphic details on homo-beast sex or handy drawings explaining why step-families are inferior to Adam and Even normal red-blooded hetero families. Why have you failed me Corny? In short don't bother buying this book - I swapped it for a copy of ATLAS SHRUGGED that was missing half its pages and feel I have the better end of the bargain.

  • Akomplice - Read the box, take responsibility for your own mistakes.

    Unfortunately, for what I needed, Neverwet did not live up to the hype, or its claims. It wasn't very durable and didn't last on what I used it on, I don't mind the frost effect but the fact that rubs off or washes away with little effort makes it practically useless for my needs. It works better on rougher and more porous surfaces than smooth steel or aluminum. I also cleaned the surface thoroughly before applying and followed the directions word for word. For this job, here are better surface waterproofing/sealing options available. Maybe I'll find something else it works well on in the future and modify my rating.

  • Kindle Customer - lots of hype for nothing

    The way I tried BE is by purchasing the introductory boxed set that had several colors, brushes and a video on how to use it. I used BE for an entire week following the video instructions exactly. I use a good skin care regimen (cleanse-tone-moisturize) to make sure my skin was properly prepared, and all to no success. IT MADE MY PORES LOOK HUGE. It accentuated fine lines. It made my skin appear overly shiny. It clogged my pores. I tried to make it work, but finally gave up and sent it back. I did end up liking the Mineral Veil powder applied as a finishing powder over my regular foundation (rather than over their foundation). It is very translucent and easy to apply. The rest of the BE products really were a lot more hype than substance in my opinion. I tried the eyeliner powder too, and it really irritated my eyes.

  • Ldunagin - Great game!

    Great game with excellent graphics! One of the best hunting games I've played in the market. There should be an option to sell old weapons for cash though.

  • Amazon Customer - This product appears to be working very well on my ...

    This product appears to be working very well on my hair. I use it twice a day and can see some growth in the damaged area.

  • DANNY TIPTON - Happy

    I received this product for free or reduced in exchange for an honest and unbiased review AMZ reviewer trader Ok this is a really great addition to my households emergency kit. My wife and I are getting older so we needed something to see what is going on from time to time. My wife has breathing problems so I really brought this for her. She has Lyme and sometimes her breathing get weird and her heart will race sometimes for no reason. She has been checked out and her heart they said was fine but again sometimes it does race so thus trying this out.When received I read the instructions which were very easy and promptly tried it out. Works great. Love the little case and lanyard. Very happy with my purchase.Love the cut off feature and the first free batteries.