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  • Chas - Franklin International tightbond liquid hide glue

    The glue works great as there is no mixing or heating needed. It cleens up with water easily before it dries.

  • Tess Rup - I have a very sensitive stomach and have even been ...

    I have a very sensitive stomach and have even been diagnosed with IBS so I was reluctant to try ANOTHER appetite suppressant after I've tried several in the past and they either make me sick, or they make me too jittery to go on about my every day life. I can honestly say that this is the first product I've ever tried that is true to its advertisement. It gives me natural energy, but no so much that I even realize it (aka - no "funny" feeling or jittery feeling), it keeps me from eating more than what I need and as an added bonus, the combination of the Garcinia Cambogia and the Green Coffee Bean Extract controls my IBS symptoms. For example, I ran out of the Garcinia Cambogia last week before I realized I was low on pills and boy did I pay for it - for about 2-3 days, my stomach was upset and I couldn't leave my house a few times when I really needed to. I am thankful for this natural appetite suppressant and I plan to continue to use it to help control my appetite and my IBS symptoms. (I've been using it since late May, 2014)

  • Rosh - I wouldn't fire up my computer without this antivirus

    I teach for a major University with more than 40,000 students at our schools. I get free IT of the highest caliper. We all get free antivirus. My IT team suggested I plunk down the small cost for Norton and forgo the free system offered by the school. That was 3 years ago, and each year I renew my subscription to Norton. Seriously, if you have a PC, THIS is real protection, real support and peace of mind.

  • TomQ - Great picture, but big problem with Amazon video app

    In general, I'm very happy with this purchase. HD picture quality is great and UHD content is simply amazing. However, there is one glaring deficiency, and it is particularly galling because it involves Amazon's own video app: When watching high def movies using the Amazon video app on this Samsung smart tv, if the movie is supposed to be letter boxed, it is instead stretched vertically to fill the screen, causing people to look unnaturally tall and skinny, Round objects look like eggs, etc. It does not do this with the Netflix app, nor does it do via the Xfinity X1 STB. It is only a problem on content via the Amazon video app. I did a little research online and it appears this is not a new issue and has been an issue for well over a year, yet Amazon has not fixed it. I've seen it argued that it is Samsung's problem, because other brand smart tv's don't have the problem. But again, the problem only happens with Amazon video, so I guess I don't care for the finger pointing between these two companies, instead of taking care of their customers and fixing the damn problem. So, in summary, if you don't care about Amazon video, this is a great smart tv. If you do care, think twice about purchasing this model from Amazon or anyone else.

  • ajax - Lot of fun, but don't use HDMI cable for sound

    As a beginning guitarist Rocksmith 2014 has been a lot of fun. I play Rocksmith daily in addition to my regular lessons from my guitar teacher. It took a bit to get used to the way Rocksmith displays the notes and how they use a color code for each string, but it becomes second nature after using it for awhile. Be forewarned, if you are using an HDMI cable to connect your Xbox or Playstation to your TV and you are using the sound from your TV you will have an audio lag problem. Rocksmith 2014 warns you repeatedly not to use your HDMI cable for sound and they aren't kidding. Other than that problem, the game has been great

  • Amazon Customer - Great product good price

    Fit perfect ! You can also still use the plastic cap holder cord to attach the cap to the truck.. Nice feature!!