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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Cheryl L Petersen - Super Lightweight, Good Quality

    I really love these shoes....they're lightweight and would be super comfortable if they didn't run a little small. If you're an 8 1/2 like me, maybe order a size 9.

  • blondie - great to reduce inflammation

    Been drinking this for 3 years and I truly feel it has helped decrease inflammation throughout my body. I just drink a packet in water every other morning rather than every day. I do not like the sweetness of the new Smart Mix though. The original was better for my taste buds. I have to dilute the new in 32 oz in order to drink it.

  • D. COOK - An Amazing Flea Spray!

    Wonderful spray for killing fleas. We have 3 old dogs and 2 of them were covered with fleas, we live in a climate where there isn't a cold winter that kills off fleas. We have always used Frontline but it seems to have stopped working. So we bombed our house, bathed all our dogs reapplied Frontline but still found fleas on our dogs. So I purchase this spray and was amazed that the fleas on my dogs were dead within seconds of being spray. So I sprayed all my dogs, their beds, throw rugs and anything where fleas could hide. At this time I haven't seen a fleas in weeks and my dogs are not scratching at all, plus this spray makes your dog smell good.

  • Douglas Dildine - Received this dongle a couple of days ago, plugged ...

    Received this dongle a couple of days ago, plugged it in and nothing. Tried support and went though all the answers and still,,,,nothing. I think I got dealt a POC, it's happened before. with other products in the past but this piece of .....wouldn't even load. It's probably empty inside, wouldn't surprise me. Sold so cheap they figure nobody is going to return it but just throw it away. I'm tempted. Couldn't even get tech support to answer. I guess I should learn that when a product seems to be more than it is, it's probably a scam. Do yourselves a favor and steer clear of this product.

  • Rob Parker - A Wi-Fi Router System only if you DO NOT own any Dropcam cameras

    I am what you might call a router nut. I always buy the latest and greatest to give me the most coverage and speed. I currently own an Asus AC-5300 router. This Orbi router is the only "mesh" (technically not a mesh system) where your speeds you get from the router are not cut down from making the "hop" back to the router. I have a rather large house at 6,200 square feet and the 2 pack system covered every inch.I tried Eeero and Luma. Both reduced my 150Mbs connection to as low as 20Mbps. They were returned. I thought this was the perfect solution until I set them up. Everything was going fantastic until a few hours later when I started getting text that my Dropcam cameras were going offline. Yes, the were in full coverage areas. That was not the issue. In fact I have over 60 devices on my router including Smart home devices, Arlo cameras, iPads, Computers etc.... not one problem. So as I went to the Netgear forum for answers, It seems to be a known issue that you have to disable Implicit Beam Forming and that will fix the issue with the connections being drop from the Dropcam cameras ( I paid for the latest and greatest in technology. Why would I want to disable a high tech feature I paid for? ) So what it really boils down to is that it is a firmware issue. I hear in November sometime there will be a big firmware release but who knows if this will include a fix or not for the Dropcam cameras. I will hold out as long as I can (back to using the ASUS 5300) but if it doesn't get fixed by the time my return policy is up, back they go to Best Buy. I fully recommend this product IF you do not have Dropcam cameras.

  • Dagny6 - Still wondering if it's working

    I'm not sure this isn't a scam. I haven't noticed a difference using it, so I stopped. I can't say I did it as many days as you need to in order to notice a difference. But for this price tag, I'd like a noticeable postive effect more immediately.

  • Plato loves Circles - I'm not going to recommend you go through it