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    Our Yellow Lab, Sammy, after five years is suddenly afraid of thunder and the wind! I had heard about the Thundershirt and decided to give it a try. It Worked!!!!

  • Kbates - Skeptic turned believer

    So far I like this stuff and I most definitely was going out on a limb trying it. I have had terrible luck with other facial oils like marajuca. I use it to take off my eye makeup (a replacement for the unhealthy baby oil I used to use) and as a facial moisturizer. I am 25 and have hormonal acne that is made much worse with pregnancy. This doesn't seem to aggravate it / something almost all other moisturizers seem to do. I have used almost all different kinds of skin care on the market from cheap to expensive and I just keep coming back to acure products. No, they don't produce miracles but they are far the most gentle on my skin with the best results. I am always sad after a week of trying something new that I even left behind something I know works so well. So for this product hopping junky I think I've learned my lesson. Stick with acure and keep buying this argan oil.

  • - I use it for loose-leaf tea

    This product is great for brewing loose-leaf tea. I use it 3-4 times a day with stainless-steel insulated vessels. I use it flipped upside-down, though- it seems to fit the thermos mouths better that way (and I'm a neat pourer, I suppose).

  • Mark D. - Crash Tested! Great helmet

    I bought this helmet about a year ago, and have loved riding in it. It has excellent ventilation, and is quite comfortable. I went from thinking that this was a nice helmet to thinking it is a great helmet today after I crashed. I went over my handlebars (manhole cover tilted on me due to improper seating) and landed square on my head. The helmet was crushed, but I walked away without any damage whatsoever. I am AMAZED I walked away from this crash without any serious harm. I am buying a new one right now to replace it. Great helmet and clearly well designed to be comfortable riding and works in a crash!

  • Ericka McFee - LOVE this seat!

    The colors are so cute and it is super easy to instal with the seat belt rear facing. I have not tried latch. Very cozy and padded. I like how the shoulder pads apply cushion for the chest clip. It does take up a lot of front to back room all the way reclined but we have a Tahoe and its fine. My daughter likes to be more reclined too. Recline 2 is very upright for rear facing and does install properly in my car anyways. The head rest is a little hard to move up and down. I like that it has a pocket in the cover for the manual and for the extra shoulder pads.