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  • USTPC - Good Product, Could Be A Great Product

    I was Zone Alarm user until two years ago. Norton 360 was rated the best security product in Consumer Reports and it was cheaper than Zone Alarm at the time so I purchased it. I made the right decision. :-) This has a lot of good security features (anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall protection, ad blocker, parental control, etc.). It also has identity safe which I love. I create passwords that are complicated - numbers, lower and upper case letters, symbols, etc. Rather than have to keep a list which I then need to lockup or hide Identity Safe allows me to enter the website, user name, and password one time and then when I go to most websites it will automatically fill in user name and password. This means I only have to remember two passwords - One to log onto my computer and one to log into Identity Safe. I can also upload the passwords to the Norton Cloud Server which means if my computer dies I still have my passwords. The best part is that the system resources used are minimal (a big improvement over prior versions).

  • Rivers - doesn't work as it should

    product isn't really usable. the bluetooth signal only works when my phone is in the same side pocket. signal reception is too weak if it is on the other side of body. when i tilt my head down, the unit ceases to work. I assume there is a loose wire or a short in the unit the prevents it from working when i tilt my head down. either way, this is a manufacturing defect. i used this for one weekend before i became too disgusted with it and put ti in a drawer.