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  • USB Ion Generator - Scalar Pendants - Our USB Ion Generator emits a constant stream of negative ions from the convenience of ANY USB port! Negative air ions also known as anions purify your air!

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  • Emmanuel T. - This product is AWESOME!!

    Just wow!!!This product is AWESOME!!!It left my engine shiny and a protective layer against dirt. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  • David J. Smey - expensive, broken software

    I do a lot of music typesetting for academic publications, and Finale has been my tool of choice for more than a decade. However, I am quickly running out of patience with Makemusic, because each expensive upgrade contains bugs which they simply don't bother to patch. I became so exasperated with the "stuck key" bug in Finale 2010 that I plunked down the money to upgrade to this, only to find that graphical exporting to EPS is so broken here as to make it unusable. (Specifically, when you convert notation to an EPS, the noteheads and stems are all misaligned.) So I left 2010 installed on my system and I still use it more often than this.

  • Feik... - Pricey, but will be worth it if they work as advertised.

    Just replaced the gutters on the house this past December. I received the sample of this gutter guard and I was very favorably impressed. Not a doubt in my mind that I will be installing these now that the warmer weather is here. I hope they work as well as they appear to, based on the design and the quality of materials.