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  • RENEE - Highly Recommended

    Just finished the 21 days. I feel GREAT!! Lost about 9 pounds. Feel really good. More energy and definitely healthier. I am planning on continuing with the program on my own and maintaining the recommended diet plan. I introduced chicken and fish on day 11 as recommended. I'm not eating any red meat or any processed foods. It makes an amazing difference. After two weeks I could feel ra difference in my skin, especially my face. I'm sure it has to do with not only the healthy diet, but all of the water that I'm drinking. I highly recommend this product. Remember to drink a lot of water. Thank you for my life change!!

  • Doug Forsyth - Worked For Me

    Worked perfect for me. I had such a small leak, I couldn't see it. I was real hesitant about using this or any other product like this because of various reviews. After doing some research and asking a mechanic at work, I decided to byte the bullet and give it a shot rather than paying $$$ just to have it looked at. Thank GOD, I used half the bottle and within a day, my leak stopped, Definitely recommend this product for minor leaks. Also, after I knew the leak was gone, I flushed my radiator and refilled with coolant and distilled water. 2 months later, still no leak :). Hopefully it stays that way.

  • The Mong - 2014 Toyota FJ - The Stubby Antenna Looks as Great as it Functions

    Screwed in/on easily, a spot-on match to its base, and it looks as great as it functions. How it looks: it looks like it came stock with the FJ; it does not look at all like an add-on, aftermarket part. How it functions: I live in a huge radio market (with dozens of stations just points away from each other on the FM band) and every station comes in clear; it even receives the college and public broadcast stations. To be fair, I did not do a comparison with the stock antenna but this was unnecessary since every station I have programmed came in at equal strength and I checked the rest, too, with equal success. Bottom line: the goal here was to obtain a product that looks great and helps me avoid having to remove the (stock) antenna when off-roading or going through the car wash. Since I only infrequently listen to the radio anyway, its functionality was secondary; the bonus here is that I am NOT having any of the issues reviewers had who bashed the Stubby's reception capabilities.

  • A. Marks - Buy This Chromebook: IChromeOS is well conceived and implemented, and Toshiba is in sync.

    I finally got the message my Windows Vista laptop had been sending me since I bought it: "I'm here to load Windows Updates, Go Away". Concurrent with that was the realization that I love my iPad because when I turn it on, it comes on, and when I turn it off, it goes off. This Chromebook comes on INSTANTLY, shuts off INSTANTLY, and is a sweet platform to work from in between. The display is awesome. The WIFI is solid. The keyboard facilitates rapid touch typing. The battery life is sufficient. The charger is quick enough. It weights nothing. The price is terrific. ChromeOS provides plenty of functionality (browser, mail, files, photo editing, blogger, calendar, drive, docs/sheets/slides, etc). They're working with Adobe on some sort of streaming access to the CC suite, and with that my needs will mostly be met.