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  • anne - A 14 yr. olds Review of a HORRIBLE game

    When I first heard of Spore I was very excited because all of the reviews had been positive praising the games ability to let the user evolve the creature, and also sculpt huge empires. I was hugely disappointed when I played the game. My favorite games in the past have been the Age of Empires series as well as the Civilization series. When I heard of sculpting an empire and having your own creatures living inside of it I was absolutely pulled into the huge net that EA and Will Wright had spun. The truth is, you have little "science" involved in making your creature, and once you advance to the civilization stage you have no interaction with your creature at all. What I had wished for was to remain a god like figure during the entire game, but in the last stage (space) I found I was taking orders from my own creatures who would then give e 6 minutes to scan an area of over 100 stars travel to the planets and retrieve spice? Although the graphics were great the game play was childish, and I feel that I have been robbed of my complete experience.

  • Justin B. - 50/50 chance make sure you test yourself at home before taking a drug test

    Didn't work, followed every possible instrusction from the bottle to the reviews and it never worked tried 3 times leading up to my test. assuming it's a 50/50 chance make sure you test yourself at home before you take the actuall test if that is what you are using this product for! In my opinion your better off getting someone else's pee, way easier and less stressful! Good Luck!

  • Amazon Customer - There is no reason for different file format

    I was hoping to transition my Window QuickBooks data to Mac and communicate with my CPA who uses Windows. No such luck. It probably does function if you want to be stranded on a platform and force your business partners to follow suit. I had to return this and purchase the Windows edition to run in a virtual machine.

  • Josh - Great light!

    So far so good! Very bright light and all the LEDS are working. Ran it for about 4 days for 24 hours then changed it to 18/6 just to give it some time to take a break. Bought some sunglasses because this thing is so bright.