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  • Kristi - This stuff is great but it seems like after about 2 hours of ...

    This stuff is great but it seems like after about 2 hours of wearing the lotion tends to "melt" down into my eyes! It's so crazy!! My eyes just start stinging and then I smell that SPF smell, I don't wear any setting powder or makeup on top of the lotion so maybe that's why it's not staying in place but it is working very well to keep my skin (and eyeballs!) well protected!

  • Genevieve - So far so good

    I wanted to try Wen, but was turned off by the price. After reading a lot of reviews I picked up Hair One instead. I have used it twice so far. Both times I didn't use any other products (leave-in conditioner, hair serums, frizz creams, etc.) I wanted to see how it performed on its own. I have medium texture (maybe slightly on the thin side) color treated wavy hair. If left to its own devices it dries pretty fuzzy - no nice soft waves. So I typically either use a straightening serum & a flat iron, or curling mouse & help it along with a curling iron.

  • Frosti - Fell apart after only using it 4-5 times - useless at this point...

    Update 7/4 - took this on our trip and although I could hear an incoming call my voice was muffled and no one could hear me. Looked on the internet for solutions and seems to be the microphone is not working. All fixes require buying additional pieces and trying to fix with a tweezers. Do not waste your money - was very disappointed. My husband has one and his worked fine, but mine just quit working. Buying a different type and model. It also started falling off my ear everytime I turned my head to check on traffic.

  • Helga Jacobs - Another Great Book for Children

    Sharlene just keeps writing them better and better. Another great book for Children by Sharlene. Just like her 50 stories for 3-7 years old, she captures the imaginations and curiosities of children within these stories. My 8 year old daughter just loved them. The stories are short enough though does not limit the essence of a well educated written story. Within this book also well written and easily understandable poems. What I love about Sharlene's book is the definitions she has added at the end. As a child I remember having to lookup a word in a dictionary solely took the fun out of reading. Here kids stay curious and have everything there wanting to read and learn more. Well done!