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  • Katie Dilley - Great for College classes!

    Got this backpack because when I looked online it seemed one of the top rated backpacks to use. Most sites have it priced around $70 which is a lot for backpack for a college student. Came to Amazon and saw it was only around $30 so thought I'd give it a try! Only have been in school 2 days but I absolutely love it already! The shoulder support strap is awesome because it puts weight on my whole back instead of just my shoulders where straps are. Lots of little pockets great to keep phone and iPod in during class and the main pocket in the back easily fits 2 subjects worth of books! Great backpack that is sure to keep everything needed for school organized!

  • Ane Powers - Excellent quick reference guide

    New or veteran manger, HR or operations manager, small or large organization...this guide calls for a convenient place on your shelf. Searching for a quick answer? Check out the well-organized table of contents. Looking for a template? Check out the appendix. Not sure what a term means? Check out the glossary. Need additional information and insight? Check out the bibliography. Armstrong and Mitchell have provided an excellent guide for all of us.

  • Anna Hahn - My Favorite!!!

    Bought this back in Feb 2015 and it is the best purchase I have made in years. My back doesn't hurt when I get up and I slept through the night for the first time in a very long time. Setup was super easy too.

  • Elijah Masters - Surprise!

    I'll admit, whenever I need something like a cable or charger for instance, I would want to go with the name brand instead of off brand or Amazon basics. However, I was surprised in a good way. I bought this and a couple other Amazon basics stuff and I have to say that they almost seem better than the name brand. 5/5 would buy again

  • Misskelleygirl - The ONLY thing that has worked for me!

    I am 43, and have put on 10 lbs in the past 2 years...I tried EVERYTHING and couldn't get it off. Finally, I started Almased...I didn't have a problem with the taste. I mixed it with filtered water, olive oil, Vanilla and cinnamon. The first 2 days I struggled with hunger pangs...but they went away after a few minutes usually. And I found that my eating...alot of it anyway, was habitual! Almased has reset my way of thinking about food, and has completely abolished my craving for sweets!! I lost the 10lbs, and feel amazing! It did take me a good solid week to get that "Energy" feeling, but I'm enjoying it now! I did the full 14 days of fasting, and now am in Phase 2...I don't want to stop! I lost my 10lbs (Folks that need to lose more weight to be at their natural, healthy weight, will lose more. 10lbs was exactly what I was expecting, and was all I needed to lose.) And don't think it's expensive...1 can has 10 servings...that's about $3.50 a meal! For those who really need to lose weight...this WILL work. You've got to have the disipline, but YOU CAN DO IT!! Once you get past the first 2-3 days, it's easy sailing!

  • Gabby - Works For Me

    I have been using this sleep aid for about a week and I like it. It has a good blend of things that help me to relax and get to sleep. I only have to use it when I am not able to get to sleep on my own. It isn't habit forming, which I like very much. The blend works well for me. It doesn't upset my stomach or cause any other discomfort for me. I'm able to sleep through the night and wake up ready for the next day when I take this. I would recommend it. It's very inexpensive and it works well.

  • erik meyers - Just like it says: "YOU WON'T BE THE SAME PERSON AFTER READING THIS BOOK..."

    A must read for everybody!! It's never to late. Slanted toward the catholic side of things but that doesn't bother me at all. The book is 100% correct.