St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center - St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center, a non-profit facility sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, is committed to maximizing the quality of human life by providing comprehensive physical rehabilitation and related programs to meet the healthcare needs of our communities.

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  • Reader - The best water conditioner - 500ml is enough for almost 2 years for a 55 gallon tank

    Like so many other reviewers here, I would like to add my vote for this as the best water conditioner available. A little bottle will last you a long time, even if have a big tank and do lots of water changes. This 500 ml bottle is enough to treat a 55 gallon tank that gets weekly 20-30% water changes for nearly two years. If you have a 20 gallon tank or something smaller, you might do better to just get the 

  • stilo - The tablets are enormous; I struggle to swallow them ...

    The tablets are enormous; I struggle to swallow them. Subsequently, I don't take them the way I should. I believe in the product itself, as I am familiar with the ingredients -- but it would be beneficial to size-down the tablets, even if it meant taking 3 instead of 1.

  • David Newman Philips - 60 liter per canister debunked?

    I'm an engineer so when my first canister didn't SEEM to give me 60 liters, I logged each liter fill for the next two canisters, careful to use three "beeps" per fill.. Result:

  • Shelly - To Big

    The shoes were too big across the toe area for me. The shipping came quick and everything else with the shoe was great.

  • C. W. Sayre - The FDA states these treatments are USELESS

    All of the legal anti toe-nail fungal products MUST state somewhere on their label that they are "NOT EFFECTIVE ON SCALP OR NAILS ". Why must they use this disclaimer, since it's like selling a headache pain pill that states that it is not at all effective for headache pain?