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  • Doua Lo - the Stubby Antenna is sweet

    This stubby antenna works great and looks clean on the Sienna. It is a must have for the Sienna. Awesome.

  • Lorie - step-up from cardboard-type VR headset- GOOD VALUE

    What I like most about this VR headset are 1) it's weight-is not too heavy thus I can actually wear this for a longer period of time and not get headaches 2) the cradle that holds the phone is very conveniently situated I feel so secure about my phone sitting in place 3) there air vents on the side and thus prevents overheating of the phone or fogging and/or sweating after prolonged use.

  • Eric Fu - Fantastic USB Charger! 6 Ports for Maximum Fun!

    With most of my family having an iPhone or iPad, we are constantly using the USB chargers that are provided. However, this individual USB chargers have been taken up an unnecessary amount of outlets, and I decided to try out the Zookki USB Charger to solve my needs. So far it has done an excellent job keeping my mobile devices juiced up.

  • J. Vaughn - Works faster than A&D ointment or Desitin

    We use this paste on both of our little ones, and it works every time. I grew up with a tub of A&D ointment or a tube of Desitin. Both are great products, but this paste works faster in my experience than either of those other two. My wife and I recommend this to our friends that are having kids as well.

  • Waldo Wally - Finally something did the magic for me...

    Just tried ZzzQuil last night for the the first time and it worked for me great. I have been having trouble sleeping for the few weeks due to some work related stress and tried different pills and this particular sleep-aid suited me the best. I had sound sleep all night and best part was I woke up feeling fresh and ready to go. Other pills like Unisom or Benadryl didn't really help me sleep well and worst part that it made me feel groggy and tiered in the morning which lasted for several hours after I was awake and impacted my daily productivity. This is just my personal opinion based on my experience.

  • Chuck - Cramp free relief!

    If you suffer from cramps, you need this! It really works! I started getting leg cramps in the middle of the night from hiking. This product has stopped them completely. I take a heaping teaspoon mixed with maybe 2 tablespoons of hot water,(this stuff fizzes rapidly, kind of like alka seltzer), and mix it with about 12 ounces of Clammato juice, or V8 every evening with my meal. By itself it tastes much like alka seltzer. But it mixes well with other fluids that overpower the taste. Anyway you take it, those cramps will be history.