Review: - A normal bloke with young-onset Parkinson's life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. PD

  • about steadyhandsteve | - I was diagnosed with Parkinson's early in 2011 when in my late thirties and since then I have approached this diagnosis with as much of a positive attitude and
  • Resource Finder | - is is a growing network of working aged people with Parkinson's in the UK and beyond. The group was started by David
  • contact me | - you may have questions about how I approach life with young-onset Parkinson's or some of the challenges that I've completed. I would be delighted to hear from
  • Steadyhandsteve climbs Kilimanjaro | - Steve and his good friend Darren each had a long-held ambition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This shared ambition and friendship turned from a wild idea, whilst
  • day 1 - to first cave camp - 2,600m | - Day 1 - Saturday 2nd February 2013 The day started with a minibus ride from our hotel in Moshi to the park HQ at Marangu where we signed-in and where Douglas
  • day 2 - to Kikelewa caves camp - 3,600m | - Sunday 3rd February 2013 We started the day with an introduction and photo call with our porters and cook. Whilst we spent all of our 'walking' day with
  • day 3 - to Mawenzi Tarn - 4,300m | - Monday 4th February 2013 This was a short, sharp 3-hour walk up to the tarn covering 730m of altitude gain. The campsite here is simply stunning - sitting
  • day 4 - acclimatisation - Mawenzi Tarn 4,300m | - Tuesday 5th February 2013 This was our acclimatisation day and therefore offered the prospect of a long morning walking and a return to rest at the Tarn
  • day 5 - to Kibo Huts Camp - 4,700m | - Wednesday 6th February 2013 This represented the "turn" in our trek. On previous days we had been heading East, effectively away from the main Kibo summit. 
  • day 6 - to Gilman's Point 5,685m then Uruhu Summit - 5,895m | - Thursday 7th February 2013 We started out at 23:00 on the path to Gilman's point with the stars, moon and head torch to light the way. Watching other groups
  • day 7 - the final stretch | - Friday 8th February 2013 The final stretch and the only day I managed to fall over! Mission accomplished we finished our breakfast before saying farewell to
  • fundraising | - Steve has completed a number of personal challenges along with friends and colleagues. With generous support & donations from family, friends and colleagues
  • challenges planned & achieved | - The challenges are a focus for keeping fit and active and prove nothing can get in my way! a few things from the list of challenges I've done since diagnosis
  • Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2016 | - This year I have decided to try something new for Parkinson's Awareness Week. I have made a short series on my new YouTube channel that demonstrate some
  • 5 years on…. | - Each year in April it becomes Parkinson's awareness month because April was the month that James Parkinson was born. He is notable for publishing " An essay on

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  • Brendabarb57 - great book!

    I am so excited to share this book and all the others to my family and friends! I am looking forward to the movies and can't wait to see how they come out!

  • Katie McEnery - Phenomenal cuatomer care and product

    Customer care is phenomenal, and the product is excellent. I think it looks very neat on the wrist, app is very easy to use and set up. Their 7minute workout has me doing something everyday. Couldn't recommend the product or the company enough.

  • Jacob J. - Im VERY HAPPY i found this book; it changed my life.

    My anxiety together with my tactile and sound sensitivity were creating a lot of emotional pain in my life. After many months and years of searching for a solution to my conditions, and trying many supplements, techniques, and reading tons of books without finding a real solution to my problems, i found Gut and Psychology Symdrom. This book saved my life. The info i found in this book about how diet, coupled with an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, can affect your psychological health, was eye opennig. today my inxiety is under control, my tactile and sound sensitivity is very minimal. I recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing any of the condictions i mentioned before, or if u just want to be healthy. Thanks God and Dr. Natasha Campbel for such a wounderful and helpful book!

  • HpRwHh - Great

    I love this book mostly because l love cooking and I finally got the recipe to something I have always wanted to try...PUMPKIN JUICE!!!!!!!!!

  • abdullah - its like an old game of ps2

    worst pes ever i had played. shame on konami, the graphics are worst than ps2. I hope they can fix it on 2015