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  • Brandie J - One and Done

    First off, This stuff lasts FOREVER! You use the smallest amount, mix with water and done. I use this stuff for everything!

  • A. Kassof - Quick and easy

    A will is easy to put off. Some years ago, as a newly single parent, I'd hired a lawyer to draft a will bequeathing everything I owned to my son. After adopting my daughter six years later, that niggling voice in the back of my head kept reminding me that I should redo it. I needed to include her, instead of just counting on my son to "share" in the event of my untimely demise. A little risky, to say the least. Eventually, a practical cousin gave me a copy of the Nolo Press Quicken Willmaker Plus 2010, and in less than ten minutes (yes- TEN MINUTES), I had a will ready to print! It had silenced that niggling voice after just a mere handful of keystrokes.

  • Jeremy - Thing is heavier than my head tho...

    MMMM. Salsa. Nice spicy flavor. Actually a little spicier than I expected. But that's a great thing :)

  • Kissa - Great carrier!

    I was super excited about getting this for my massive cat. She's 25lbs should be 14). The regular square cat carriers are horrible for her. We literally have to spend an hour to get her into the square case every time she goes to the vet (at least 2x a year). This carrier makes it so much easier! It is literally a godsend. We took her to the vet the day after receiving and it was SO MUCH easier to get her in!