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  • Alisonnic - Essential for me!

    I take a half a tab daily sublingually. I've got the MTHFR genetic defects, which means I can't absorb B12 in the common forms (cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin) that come in standard multivitamins and in food, so I'm severely B12 deficient. Without this, I have no energy at all. This makes a huge differenec; it gives me enough energy to do essential activities.

  • Jeff Jesinski - Works as promised!

    Absolutely what I needed. Almost ripped the OEM one off backing in and out of the garage. Chevy should've just made ones like this standard.

  • John F - Great price, quality and easy to assemble.

    Awesome deal. Quick delivery, easy assembly(photos on instruction sheet could be clearer). Solid construction with good components. Appears to be bullet proof.

  • Ryker - It works but use caution

    I was super excited when I saw this product bc I tend to use NyQuil as a sleep aid but hate all the extra medicine I'm taking. So I tried this for the first time last night and took the recommended dose. I fell right to sleep but woke up 5 hours later naked, sprawled at the end of my side of the bed, and with no covers on. I have no idea how any of this happened. My husband is a deep sleeper and said he didn't hear anything. I guess I must have been sleepwalking and striping. From now on I will try half a dose and see how it goes. I recommend that if its your first time take half just in case.

  • Sarah Montoro - A great purchase!

    After years of wondering why I break out so heavily on one side of my face, I finally realized it was my pillow. Sleeping on my back helped for a while, but I would always turn over in the middle of the night.

  • Suley - Would not use anything else!

    I would not use anything other than this product on my car windows. More than a few times, my friends have walked up to my car and started talking to me only to find out the window was rolled up! It really IS invisible glass!

  • T. Wright - Success on a fast leak.

    This fixed my issue. I was losing so much power steering fluid that I was refilling it every other day. So, since I had some success with other Lucas products I decided to give it a try. It took 1 1/2 bottles, but I am not seeing a leak and that buys me some time (maybe a lot of time) before I need to go through the expense of installing a remanufactured rack and pinion steering assembly (It looks like the leak was coming from a seal).