Medical diagnosis: How correct diagnosis can save a lifeSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS | "Ask not what the symptoms of a disease are; ask what the symptoms of a particular patient mean." - Medical diagnosis: Learn to analyze symptoms and put everything together to make the right diagnosis. Correct and timely diagnosis can save lives.

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  • Patient stories: What doctors and patients can learn from themSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Doctor Sapkota shares his real patient stories to teach the readers about overcoming challenges with symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of unique patients.
  • Pneumonia symptoms based on patient age and health statusSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Diagnosis of pneumonia does not mean the same thing for everyone. Your age and your heath status changes your pneumonia symptoms and prognosis.
  • Self Diagnosis: What do my symptoms mean?SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - You can absolutely self diagnose yourself as long as you ask the right question and obtain some basic knowledge, click to learn how: Anyone can do this.
  • Medical Misdiagnosis: Alarming StatisticsSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Medical misdiagnosis is more common than you think, review the statistics and learn what you can do about it.
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  • Silent heart attack - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - A silent heart attack occurs when you do not have any symptoms from your heart attack or when you unknowingly ignored atypical heart attack symptoms.
  • congestive heart failure life expectancy - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Congestive heart failure life expectancy numbers explained by doctor Sapkota with specifics related to disease stage, gender, age and medication compliance.
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    Awesome deal. Quick delivery, easy assembly(photos on instruction sheet could be clearer). Solid construction with good components. Appears to be bullet proof.

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    Love this cool light. Easy to operate, just plug and play. There are no modes or even switches, you plug it in to power on and remove the plug from the outlet to power off. This makes it easy for the fun to start. The light is very responsive to sound making it for great play time. My 7 year old Grandson loves it and I do too. I removed a star because it could have a longer cord, especially to hang from ceiling ***I received this product for a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

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    Last year I purchased a Rustoleum Countertop Transformations kit from Home Depot for my kitchen. It looked great so I wanted to do the same for two of my bathrooms. I purchased this kit because it was significantly cheaper. Unfortunately the quality of this kit was pretty bad. The base coat would not apply evenly and I had to deal with a really spotty application. It was quite a headache and doesn't look anywhere near as nice as my kitchen countertops. Possibly this was an old kit that was going bad and that's why it was so cheap.