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  • Dennis - Horrible menus, bad beyond belief

    Hate it. I downgraded from the 2010 version, which I like very much, but 2010 won't write to GBT drives. 2016 menus are terrible, the worst. Difficult to find previous backups; it's hard to imagine why anyone would design the menus like this. Absolute pits. 2016's interface is the worst of any software I've ever used.

  • Kevin - A slap in the face to owners of Creative Suite or other Adobe products. No rebates or upgrade paths available.

    What a joke! I purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4 a number of years ago for $$$$. I typically only use photoshop, lightroom and acrobat. I was appalled to find that there isn't any upgrade path available to those of us that paid big money to purchase Adobe Creative Suite. I'm sorry but this is a slap in the face. I won't waste any more money on Adobe when there are other good photography packages available. I also use OnOne Perfect Photo Suite which is awesome and blows away photoshop in some areas.

  • BooYeah NYSE! - I Would Not Recommend

    I bought and installed G Data 2012 for my brand new Alienware Dell Laptop after the Dell Recommended McAfee suite failed to block a Trojan Horse that debilitated my computer and cost me hundreds of dollars to repair.

  • lucas - Skip it.

    This season is a real let down, not nearly as good as the previous seasons. The quality of the show really went downhill, the stories just aren't told well. Bummer.

  • N. Hull - Disappointing

    I gave this a 7 day trial and ended up buying it to test it out longer. I am disappointed. I only use 1 pump each night and it has only been three weeks and I am nearly out. The product is supposed to last a month on four pumps. Anyway, that aside I just don't see any real results. I don't dislike the smell although it is unusual. It doesn't feel very heavy either. I don't encourage anyone to buy this product without giving it a seven day try. And then...well, I don't really encourage anyone to expect results from it.

  • Steve Leeper - Not quite bad enough

    Hartman does an excellent job describing the threats we face and the causes of the coming collapse, but his survival instinct has caused him to minimize or underestimate the chaos we are about to endure. His proposals at the end for how we should recover from the collapse and make a better world don't seem to fully appreciate the magnitude of the changes that are coming. Can't blame him. He's already being attacked for being "negative," but if he had said, "We have to get into permaculture and learn how to grow our own food and make our own clothes and otherwise live without oil and we have to do this as fast as we can," I would have given him five stars.

  • Amazon Customer - My Booty Belt thoughts

    The Booty Belt is wonderful. Each time I use it I can feel it sculpting my body. I learned that by stretching the bands out first the bands get much easier to use. Since we all need to get in shape. I have recommended this product to friends and family.