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  • MeganH06 - Great for a baby with tummy issues

    Fantastic! This product really seems to help my little guy with his tummy issues. I can tell a difference on nights when he's had his drops and nights when he hasn't. You have to really make sure to shake it well though because it seems like it gets a lot of sediment at the bottom.

  • Predator51 - Ink mages are awesome!

    This is the first time I've read about ink mages. They can do some mighty powerful things with their magic! The duchess, who becomes an ink mage, acquires some unique individuals to help her, as she attempts to reclaim her castle. I look forward to reading the next book in this most fascinating series!

  • LISA GREEN - Its even better when I use it with carols daughters loc butter

    Works well with my 4a/4b natural hair whan wearing twist-outs. Its even better when I use it with carols daughters loc butter. Great definition and hold.

  • Gerry M. Allen - A Cautionary Tale

    Glad I browsed this in the bookstore (you remember them). The unnecessary co-mingling of measurement bases coupled with the rather bizarre tastes and techniques turned me off. Investing in a set of measuring tools for just one book is the worst sort of uni-tasking. Thanks for those pretty good eats years, but no thanks to this mess.

  • Safety Czar - Best Science writing 2012

    Son happy with this book. He is in info tech, and had hoped that there would be a book of tech writing, however he is a science person and stated satisfaction with this book.

  • Linda K. Bloomquist - A lot of info for a 9 year old.

    My grandson is CRAZY about this book. I swear he barely stopped to eat once he received it. His memory is amazing, so I get to hear all kinds of fun facts!

  • M.Sims - The Mic was dropped...several times

    Who knew Gabriel's parents imparted wisdom that would eventually get him through some hard times. I think Dimitry was the most shocked that Gabriel had it in him to endure torture and come out of it a true Medlov. Valeriya was awesome and had no problem letting everyone know she was going with them to get her man. Love the way she put Briggy in check. Rene could learn a few things from her instead of whining to Royal. Love the way she put Ana in check to.