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  • Amazon Customer - Helps sharpen your body!

    This is totally worth it ! I sweat like crazy after applying this. My stomach and my back is drenched with sweat every time. It helped sharpen my stomach, and have gotten rid of my "love handles" this is a life saver.

  • J. Holmes - Too cheap for any real hauling.

    Not happy with this roof rack. The plastic ends are flimsy. The bars are noisy when driving down the highway.

  • LI Mom - HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW, was this a HUGE disappointment! I knew that for the price, and this being an IKEA item that it would not be heirloom quality lighting, however, I was not prepared for just how cheap it looked. It went back the next day! The flowers which appear to cover the globe are flimsy, curled up paper. You could see the frame and the bulb and no amount of adjusting made it look any better. It is really very cheap looking, not sure how it got some of the good reviews it did. I only gave it one star because there was no option for no stars!

  • D. Freeman - A waste of my money

    I was very appointed in this. The only thing I learned is about the ASU. He suggests the same exercises everyone else recommends, many of which aren't even possible for a person with knee issues to perform.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth every penny!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    I love it when a story is over 500 pages! I recommend this book 10 times over! It was definitely well written. This story was so real and relatable. It showed the ups and downs that relationships really go through. Definitely worth the wait!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • saran - IT WORKS!!

    This cream is the best cream I used. I promise you I do not work for this company I am just the regular girl. I have to admit at first I was very skeptical ,I mean what kind of cream makes butt bigger? Lol But then I was like what the heck, it wouldn't kill to give it a try. I swear I saw the results in the first week, my butt was rounder and bigger. Maybe it works differently on each body. Note that my butt was already big but when I lost weight I kinda lost some of my butt that's why I tried this product and maybe that's why it worked faster for me. If you are using the cream I would advise you to add the pills for fasters results. This works I promise you!!

  • Pete - Good for fast quick cleaning.

    Found this cheaper on amazon than at my local grocery stores or target/walmart. The same exact Swiffer that you see in the commercials and in stores. It's not your profession tile/wood cleaner, but for quick wet mopping the floor, it does it's job well. The wet wipes are easy to install, just press in the corners to the slots and put the Swiffer down on the ground and just mop. Make sure the cloth doesn't get dry, because when it does it's not really going to do much cleaning. Now you may want to actually use a dry micro fiber cloth to dry up the wetness instead of letting it air dry. This prevents water spots if you have wood panels/tiles that you can see. It's a good product for fast easy wiping.