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  • Seldom Seen - Best Cup Of Coffee

    I absolutely LOVE this coffee! It's the best tasting coffee I've had in years, a very bold taste but not overbearing. Throw in the added health benefits and it's a win-win! I now drink this coffee exclusively!!

  • Matt Wilbanks - This book has been misinterpreted - it's for the fish.

    Here's the deal. Everyone purchasing this book has been reading it from the context of a human in another boat, trying to stay out of the way of a bigger boat. That's wrong. This book was written for Tuna Fish. The Tuna Fish is constantly in the news about being over-fished and Capt. Trimmer is simply trying to give the creatures a game plan of how to avoid the ships doing all the big fishing. Capt. Trimmer understands that fish can't tell the difference between huge ships like oil tankers or huge ships like commercial fishing vessels so he advices the Tuna to simply avoid all huge ships. Capt. Trimmer should be commended for this work, however, his enormous error lies in the fact that fish can't purchase books. They don't have a way to earn money and even if they did they don't have the opposable thumbs to be able to hold a book or even an ebook reader such as an ipad or kindle. And lets not forget the fact that it would take a very huge ship to deliver all the books it would take to educate all the Tuna, thereby adding to the problem of Tuna being drawn toward huge ships.

  • Brandon Cobb - I used to be the one applying it

    So of course i got some for my personal car just to give it a shot. It works as advertised when properly applied. Washing has to be done weekly or more if car gets intensely dirty. Washing must be done by hand with a soft clean mitt to avoid scratches. The more dirt and abrasive car washes you go trough, the more xzilon you wash off, just like wax. It stuck to all my windows for the year claimed period and I will purchase it again for just the windows as i still prefer a good waxing to be done on paint. Take the time to clear your car properly and the product will last as long as, and perform as designed.

  • J. Ribble - Good enough

    These are not the highest quality, but they're much better than my old set. I really like the bonus cheese/tomato knife. It does a great job! These knives are all in all a good deal for the money.

  • Joana - This is a very nice high quality deluxe bath mat

    This is a very nice high quality deluxe bath mat. Its a decent size and fit our bathtub. I like this because it helps keep my kids safe from slipping in the tub and hurting themselves. Also this mat is antibacterial, machine washable, BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, Latex Free, and No Toxic Smell. This great for use anywhere that multiple people bathe especially with children! It was easy to install and it has a good suction. It will not move once you have it in place! Came with a bonus small bathing pad. It was a cute addition. This is def worth picking up! I did receive this product for a discount or free in return of an honest and unbiased review.