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  • Kendal - Not what I expected

    It looks nice but didn't really cover very well. I probably wouldn't buy it again. Doesn't really look like the picture.

  • Shona Powers - Very helpful product!

    I've been taking this for just over a month and it has been very helpful. I noticed that my skin issues have disappeared - so I know my liver is handling the toxins in my system much better now. I have AFS and so keeping my hormones balanced is a task and the liver is such a big part of the process. I will order this product again and again. Thanks

  • Janel N. Roland - Made my acne worse...

    The only reason I purchased this product is because I saw it at Costco. Unfortunately, this is the worst acne treatment line that I've ever tried. The texture of the cleanser and lotion is very heavy. My skin was extremely irritated after using it as well. I suffer from cystic adult acne. This product made my skin break out more. It was the worse I've ever spent.

  • William - Pretty good cross trainer or casual shoe

    5 star for looks and 3 for performance so I'll give them a 4. Shoes look great and they are good for cross training but I would not recommend for running. If you are the novice runner then they will probably do the trick but you won't normally see most serious runners wearing Nike's. I don't consider myself a runner by any means but during the couple miles I do run after a workout these were giving me shin splints. They've become my casual shoe and look great in jeans.