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  • Luci L - Excellent product!

    I have tried countless sleep aids, because I rarely am able to fall asleep on my own. I would much rather always use natural products, so when I discovered this and was also able to try it for a promotional price, I was really eager to see if it would work for me. After trying it several times, I can say that it definitely DOES work. When I take these capsules, I feel relaxed and fall asleep easily...gently, and it feels like a natural process-nothing at all like prescription sleeping aids work. There's no strange 'drugged' feeling with these capsules. After taking these, I wake up feeling like I have had a good night's sleep-with NO groggy feeling. As for the appetite suppression, I can't really say, because I take it before going to bed, but I definitely agree with the claims of improving mood and reducing stress. I also sleep through the entire night, which is something I usually never do. I will be repurchasing them again, and I completely recommend these for anyone who has a tough time switching off at night, and wants something that isn't going to leave them feeling dazed and hung-over the next morning.

  • Adrian - Much better than the sequel book, "How To Run Over Little Boats."

    After reading this book, I relized exactly what I was doing wrong everytime I was run over by bardges on the mighty Mississippi. I always played dead and hoped the boats would go away, like I was taught by a book I read, "How To Survive Bear Attacks." I guess I thought the lessons taught by that book applied to everything life, but it clearly meant just bears. Now I am surviving the waterways better than a BP oil rig.