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  • Sanjana - Bought two - both broke

    I used to love this hair trimmer until it stopped working after a few months. Changed the batteries, no difference. So, I decided to purchase another one. About a month later, guess what? That one stops working too. Completely shuts down. Don't buy it - it'll last for a few weeks, maybe two or three months max. You might as well invest in a more expensive option.

  • Can u not ._. - Wut.

    so like when i first got the app it worked great. but now it keeps stopping and the audio gets ahead of the picture. I've only had this app for 3 days. FIX NOW!

  • Kimily - Works!

    Pros: Works pretty good, arrived fast, bristles aren't hot to the touch so my daughter is more likely to style her own hair (not nearly as dangerous as irons). Best price I've found on this item!

  • K. Castro - My "Go-To" Knife

    This is by far the favored knife of my collection. It's the one I carry while camping, hiking or just need to cut something at home. My favorite feature is its blade opening system. It took me a few minutes to figure out, but once I did, I've determined that it's the easiest opening knife I've ever owned. There have been plenty of times when I've only had one hand available and have had no problems opening and using it.

  • Doyle - The consistency is very nice, it glides on my skin evenly and smoothly

    I was using Rx retin A regularly, it was my cure all for adult acne and ant aging, but the price jumped 200%! I needed a solution I could afford and decided to try RETIN. I am loving it so far and have even convinced my husband to use it. The consistency is very nice, it glides on my skin evenly and smoothly, I see a glow to my skin without the usual drying and flaking that retin a brings and the packaging is nice (you can screw off the cap to get to remaining product which increases usage and value!).

  • ksteph79 - Finally sleep!

    I have been on ambien for years and find that I'm falling asleep fast but not staying asleep then waking up in a fog. So been trying a few different sleep aids that are all natural. Just melatonin alone doesn't seam to help me. A couple other sleep aids I've tried didn't work at all... Kept me up more than I slept. I was getting frusterated and was getting ready to just go back to the ambien. I prefer to guarantee that I'll fall asleep vs laying there for hours. Then I ran across this one... And was offered to try it for free so I could review it ... When it comes to sleep aid I'm definitely the one companies should want to try out to test for a review... Because not much seams to work for me. But this one did! Looking at the ingredients, everything that's in this one is ones that promise a relaxed mood... And help with anxiety... So my mind can slow down so I can sleep. Some of the other sleep aids I've tried seam to have a lot more ingredients ... Which in my thinking the more ingredients the better... But that's not the case. These have just enough ingredients without going over board. Just enough of what's needed to promote sleep. The serving size says 2... I took 2 the first couple nights and slept way late in the morning. So I cut it down to 1...and im able to wake up at a decent time after getting a full uninterrupted 8-9 hours of sleep and I actually feel like I've slept! These are definitely good ones! I'm surprised they actually worked for me!