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  • Pericombobulation53 - Dust protection for the Lightning port!

    This is the ONLY case I have found which offers dust protection for the Lightning plug port but NO screen protector. Let me repeat that. No screen protector! Many OtterBox cases include a built-in screen protector, but some people (including me!) do not like screen protectors. What I DID want, however, is something to keep pocket lint and other schmutz from getting inside the Lightning port. I can't tell you how many times I've had issues with iPhones not charging simply because some tiny little piece of lint or something was stuck way down deep in the port where I couldn't even see it, much less fish it out. This case has a port cover, which should prevent that. Exactly what I was looking for! I deducted one star only because the price is too high. Just about every other case on the market costs under twenty bucks. This one cost twice that!

  • Imelle - Not really sure whats wrong!

    Bought this beginning of this year (Jan 2013) and I follow all the instructions but ever since I downloaded this my laptop become really slow. I cant even open some of my programs. I tried to uninstall and install again, still wont fix my other program. I used another antivirus before but everything runs smooth and never had problem like what i have now. The reason why I bought this because of the price and its for 3 computers. Will not renew for next year and wont recommend it to anyone! *not happy here*

  • LowCarbLivin - Great! Highly recommend.

    This definitely works, and you will the results in a couple of weeks. I use it before I run. It does improve cellulite and also tones the skin. However, I am sure that you need to work out and eat healthily or it isn't going to work.

  • HomeboundAmazonAddict - So far - so good.

    This may prove to be an ongoing review. So far, I very much like what I have done and am capable of doing - but as of yet, I do not quite understand why the price of this is so elevated - though good quality, I am not finding the value of the "premium" or why the 2013 version makes a difference.

  • K. Merritt - Awsome Little reciver for iPhone EarPods.

    I bought one of these Aukey Bluetooth receivers and then a spare, they are well made, and I found that the battery last a full 8 hour day, I use it for receiving audiobook and music sent from my iPhone 6, I can put it on the desk or in my pocket and keep my phone on my desk.

  • Mariella - Great Shampoo So Far!

    I used to have beautiful long, thick, wavy brown hair. Everyone told me that it was beautiful and not to dye it ever. Of course being somewhat stubborn I didn't listen to anyone and starting dying my hair right after my 20th birthday. I am now 23 and am an unnatural blonde. After three years of highlights, bleach, and overall treating my hair harshly it is severely damaged. I have decided to no longer dye my hair and to let it grow out naturally to avoid anymore damage. One of my friends had used this shampoo and recommended it to me to help repair my damaged hair and to help it to grow. I have been using this shampoo every other day in conjunction with the conditioner for about one month now. Before using this product my hair had very slow growth, about 1/4 inch a month. In the past month it has grown about 1.5 inches and it has been so much healthier. I also get deep conditioning treatments once a month to help repair the damage I caused. I will continue using this product in the hopes that it helps me achieve long beautiful locks again. So far the results I have seen are very promising.

  • B. Wilson - Fun for small groups

    Even a good dancer may look silly in this game, so don't be scared to get up and dance. It's fun for all ages. You'll need some decent space to dance, and best if you're about 10 feet or so away from the TV/Kinect. It's not very fun to dance by yourself unless you really enjoy dancing, but with a group of 4 people, or battling it out 1 on 1, it's a lot of fun. The music selection is decent, but somewhat limited unless you buy new tracks. Be prepared to get a song stuck in your head, and later if you hear it on the radio, you'll remember back to the dance moves in the game.