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  • Letty C. - This is a great buy

    This oil is not big on the smell department compare to others, but the uses and benefits by far out weight the lack of scent. I am an avid essential oil user and do my research before I try a new one. Although Frankincense is not big in the scent department it does accentuate the benefit and scent of other oils which is the reason it is use a lot on fragrances. Some of its medicinal uses are antiseptic and disinfectant, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and my favorite it reduces joint paint. It can still be used for aromatherapy and scenting household products like laundry soap, dryer balls, and cleaners, if you are so inclined. Probably even bath/beauty products would be ok too. I would only use it on your body if you're diluting it with a high quality carrier oil (e.g. almond). I however keep my Frankincense in the medical cabinet. This item arrived well packages, to ensure both the bottle and the included eye dropped weren't damage in transit. This oil does smells similar to other frankincense oils I've used. It has the earthy, woody musk scent I expected. This is a great buy.

  • Christopher J. Shinkman - A Valuable Tool

    The Essential HR Handbook by Mitchell and Armstrong offers up-to-date information and insight into the most pressing issues facing HR professionals. Both authors draw on extensive experience in both describing and suggesting solutions for increasingly complex and difficult problems. Keep this book close at hand. Dr. Christopher J. Shinkman, author, "Real Jobs, Real People".

  • IrishGirl - Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant

    Jungle L'Elephant has strong cinnamon-cardamon notes, similar to Christmas potpourri. This fragrance is very long-lasting with significant sillage. If you like Guerlain's Samsara, then this fragrance will be appealing.

  • Timothy J. Burrill - Abbott is Questionable

    Abbott's lack of announcement about this 25% increase in cost of their product shows an alarming disconnect between their company and their customers. Many of us stretch our already tight budgets because our children need this product. A 25% increase has significant impacts on a consumer and I can only imagine how a 25% increase in cost would impact their business. While price changes are often needed, it is the underhanded, deceitful and quite frankly unethical change by Abbott that concerns me most. They are out of touch with the economy, the consumer and most importantly, ethical business practices.

  • Tommy R. Michaels - Great Product

    I installed Outlook 2010 on a new Asus laptop running Windows 7 home premium and had no problems or glitches. Windows Live Mail was set up on the laptop but it would not import and export to Outlook 2003 that is installed on an older desktop. Outlook 2010 imports and exports to Outlook 2003 seamlessly. The only problem I experienced was setting up a new e-mail account. Outlook 2010 gives you the option to set it up automatically or manually. I tried automatic and I did not like the way it was set up, so I deleted it and installed manually.