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  • robinalysia - 3 year old grandson loves this

    My 3 year old grandson loves this toy. He was really impressed when he pulled out the ramp to load the tractor onto the truck and the truck made "ramp" sounds. He now loads his airplanes from the planes movie to move them to the "race".

  • Connie Kramer - Oneplus 3 owner is happy

    Bought for my Sdad and it's solid! lasts him about a week with his Oneplus 3 before needing to charge it again! it's awesome!

  • Mary Gibbs - Thank you Lakasha at Luminess Air

    I am new to Luminess Air it is a pricey product but I am new to using it. I recently was laid off and called Luminess Air to tell them it was a hardship to be billed $69.99 for 5 months (this is not mentioned in the infomercial at all) Lakasha was very nice and friendly. Very understanding too! She said she is waiving 3 payments for me due to being out of work and she is sending me new colors as the ones that come in the initial kit were not my shade for my skin type. I appreciated the great customer service however at no time was I advised that an additional $34.06 will be billed to my account on top of the $69.99 I am out $104.05 on erroneous billing from Luminess without my consent! Very deceiving company and they do not disclose this. I am cancelling this account and highly DO NOT RECOMMEND LUMINESS AIR. Thanks to them I have to dispute with my bank. Very underhanded deceitful company Stay Away!!!

  • Old Codger - Not so hot for the price!!!

    Over rated and over priced for what you get. One should expect more at the price of this item. It does NOT remove calluses very quickly and the batteries supplied went dead within a couple of passes. Worked much better when I replaced the batteries with standard AA's I had on hand.

  • Cyrus Hunter - Great wish I would of purchased earlier

    This really is such a great camera-- especially for the price. I enjoy, love, love, love which I can be at work watching what's heading on at home. Specific picture, good sound. This can be a great buy-- Now I am just bummed I don't buy it earlier.

  • FitTraveller - Parabens

    So I was using this shaving cream and absolutely loved it. It lathers well and smells good but I recently found out that it is not paraben free. For those who dont know what parabens are can look it up here

  • M. Kerr - It actually worked very well

    I was shocked that this actually worked! When someone wears thousand dollar hearing aids, it doesn't make sense that something so inexpensive could work. But it does just as well as the $1500.00 professional hearing aid. I purchased one for each year and keep them as my go-to back-ups.