HIV-1 Medicine | TRIUMEQ® - TRIUMEQ®, a combination of abacavir, dolutegravir, and lamivudine, is for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection. Read more.

  • What Is HIV and AIDS | TRIUMEQ® - There is a lot of information to learn about HIV. Get the key facts about HIV and AIDS, including how HIV spreads and how HIV-1 treatments work.
  • Information About HIV-1 Medication | TRIUMEQ® - Looking for HIV-1 treatment options that are right for you? TRIUMEQ® may reduce your viral load and may increase the number of CD4 + (T) cells in your blood.
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  • Jamisue2003 - I have no idea how I ever went without this ...

    I have no idea how I ever went without this stuff. I have had mouth sores since I was a little kid, and ALWAYS right before picture day. I keep this on me at all times, and even if I THINK that I am feeling that tingle I will use it. In the last 2 years I have only had one sore and it only lasted 3-4 days compared to the 8-10 days it used to last!

  • P. Marshall - Best security program!

    This is by far the best security program I've had since my first computer! Daily updates, immediate virus catches that don't leave you in the dark, they explain what they've done, what the virus was and what was done. They give me update warnings when another program needs updating, very convenient. I feel very safe.

  • SummerAW - I love that. This product is exactly as advertised and ...

    The cover comes with 2 wipes, a wet and dry, to clean the surface of your phone. The application process is fast and stress-free! I assumed I would have to try to take air bubbles out, but there were hardly any, and by the next day they were gone. The edges of the tempered glass screen protector are smooth and rounded. I love that. This product is exactly as advertised and I highly recommend it to any anyone.

  • Aaron - Worked wonders!

    I used this to get some sticker residue off of my car for my work's parking pass. Thankfully, this was able to do the job admirably. Highly recommended.

  • mom of three - worth the price

    Great stroller. I would recommend to anyone. Very lightweight and easy to push. Lots of storage for an umbrella stroller.