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  • Renee - So First Let Me Say Great Book Boo You Did It Again Now I'm So ...

    So First Let Me Say Great Book Boo You Did It Again Now I'm So Happy That juvie Let Tesh Off Kole That Bitch Had It Coming & I Love How Lano Is He Just So Layed Back I Love Him Love Great Book I Love The Baby Shower Part Made Me Cry Glad Sol Got It Together Over All Great Book Must Read I'm Miss Them Really Sad To See Them Go Oh And I Love How u had my Girl Make The CupCakes To Lol

  • Zihuatanejo - Cheeky company

    These guys have my purchased stored away in my adobe locker where they can clearly see what kind of purchase I have made and when and what I bought. However they leave out the place to download the product from. Apple snubbed these guys because they were a bunch of jerks most likely. After seeing they had hid the links I agree. I can buy software from a lot of companies that give me a link forever to what I bought from them.

  • Barbara Cecil - I've done ok but computers and I are not the best of friends

    It depends on how much you know to begin with. I've done ok but computers and I are not the best of friends.

  • NCgal - Caboki Hair fibers

    I have used this Caboki Hair Loss Concealer for over 2 years to cover the sparse areas on my head and am quite happy with the results. If you have small to average bald spots like the receding-hairline areas at the front, or the "halo" at the top, or a middle or side part that is now too wide, follow the instructions correctly and you should have them no more! These fibers stick to your real hair and scalp and stay put unless or until you wipe or wash them off. Here's how you do it: cover your shoulders with a towel (beware, there will be a small amount of fibers all over the sink), SLOWLY and CAREFULLY sprinkle the fibers onto the bald/thin areas (put the can about 1/2" from your head, at a 45° angle, and shake, shake, shake), tap the fibers down, comb your hair LIGHTLY over the spots, spray a little hair spray to keep everything in place, then leave it alone! Of course if you're not careful you would sprinkle them all over yourself, so please don't blame the product if that's the case. You shouldn't try to cover a large bald spot either because it would be obvious that there's no hair in the middle. I give this product 4 stars instead of 5 because the Dark Brown color is more black than brown, but overall I'm happy with it.


    This was terrible. Obviously not the genuine Bare Minerals. I kept thinking my skin had changed and I needed to try a different makeup - had worn bare minerals for many years. Then ordered again from Sephora and paid the higher price and LOVE Bare Minerals again. DO NOT BUY THIS!

  • Isabelle - regarding al bad symptoms posted by others

    This was very hard to purchase due to the mixed reviews. It does not taste like Parfume, but tastes and smells like the peals of grapefruit or other fruit peals. It didn't bother me in my opinion because I juice and a lot of people cant handle the taste of juices vegies and fruits. To me it is refreshing both by taste and smell. It did not make me have nausea or vomiting or bowl movements. It did make me urinate a lot which is good, it also made me get my period which is weird because I have a mirena iud and do not get my period. I guess that is good because this is supposed to cleanse us and aide in weightloss so I'm assuming its good. So far so good no other side effects. I will keep ya posted.

  • Martin Stonell - Not the paraben free product, it's discontinued stock.

    As much as I really like the AoS products, I'm trying to avoid the paraben cocktails that are currently on the market from many 'high end' manufacturers. There are two Lavender offerings on Amazon, and I unfortunately bought this one without noticing. A great example of caveat emptor. I don't know when AoS changed their recipe to avoid using these toxins, and I guess many won't care, but this may well be old stock. An expensive mistake on my part.