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  • PracticalMan - PhilipsNorelcoHQ6900/41CordedRazorShaver1100-Costs~TheSameAsOneItsHeadsReplacement!

    Razor works fine but its Philips Norelco HQ56 [triple] heads had worn out = become blunt in just 4 months,and Replacement = one triple headed (1 count) costs just $2 less than whole shaver (all parts together) with this [triple] Heads (1 count)!!! And after I've just bought that Replacement I found out that its tax was about $2 too - so NO DIFFERENCE if you buy whole shaver or just heads-replacement - PRICE is approximately THE SAME!

  • Sarah Florig - Best thing ever made

    Best thing ever made!!!!! Because of the book and how it has taught me to apply for scholarships I have almost NO need for loans!

  • Vaishali - ... to solve my acne problem that has been getting worse over the last 7-8 months

    I was extremely looking forward to this product to solve my acne problem that has been getting worse over the last 7-8 months. The overwhelming positive reviews here got my hopes high for sure. However, this was not the miracle product I had hoped for and did not solve my problem. There were a few times I felt like it helped with some bumps here and there but does not seem to help as much as I had hoped for. But, given the other reviews and success of this product it would be worth a try and maybe is dependent of the reason you get acne and your skin type etc. In addition, given my skin is sensitive (extremely sensitive) this product did not make things worse or irritate my skin so it does seem to be gentle.

  • sherry-md - Awesome product line!

    I love trying out new products and this one does not disappoint. I am new to this product line, but I can tell I am going to like it. I have bought several different products from Skederm and I have been impressed with them. I have been looking for a new facial product line and trying different ones. There are 3 different brands that are at the top of my list and this is one of them. I have used Dermalogica, Clinique, Murad, Mary Kay and many other brands of skin care and this brand and 2 others are better than the others that I have used in the past. I used all of those brands until I used them up completely because they are so expensive and I have seen better results in this brand and the other 2 brands that I like. I will continue to use this and reorder as needed.