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  • Lexi - Residue and Grease

    I tried the Motions Define my curls crème after I received it in a product swap. I tried it with a twist out and the results were greasy hair that left my hands feeling gooey when I touched my dried twist out. I also tried a wash and go and my curls were very defined but the residue and grease was not worth the trouble. I have 4a medium length hair. Don't buy this product and I should've known when I got it at a product swap that it was less than stellar.

  • Julie - All good things come to those who wait.

    I waited over a year to purchase this bike but I finally got it and I love it. I wanted something with this particular hand/arm motion. I used one in therapy and wanted the same one but a lot cheaper and this was it. It is very comfortable to use and is a good work out. I am a 58 year old woman if fairly good health my knees are bad though. I actually enjoy riding this.

  • Francesca Vanderbilt - eSalon Custom Hair Color Is The Best!

    I love my custom hair color by eSalon! I have received a lot of compliments on my hair color and the most common comment is, "It looks so natural!" I am truly impressed with how vibrant and multi-tonal my hair color is-- it's not at all one dimensional in color like so many store bought colors are-- eSalon's custom color is definitely high quality!! I have my color auto-shipped to me every 10 weeks, when my roots start to show. If I want to make an adjustment to my formula, I simply call or email eSalon when I get my reminder email from them that they will be making and shipping my color soon. I also use the eSalon shampoo and conditioner, they are gentle and help preserve the color nicely. The first time you purchase eSalon, your color and processor are only 10.00 and your subsequent purchases after that is only 20.00. Since I am coloring my hair every 10 weeks, that comes to 100.00 in a year-- if you walked into a brick and mortar salon and had your hair colored, you'd be charged anywhere from 75.00-150.00!

  • ArmyMomofFour - Noisy, but worth it

    My stepsister gave this to us after receiving it as a Christmas gift because her son and husband don't like bananas. We have four children and all six of us eat them, so we go through several bunches a week. My kids and I LOVE Yonanas. It's great for being on Weight Watchers. It IS noisy but it only takes a few seconds to make a bowl. I don't know why people say it's a pain to clean it- you literally pop it apart and run it under hot water. Believe me, I use it several times a day and if it was a pain, I wouldn't... I don't have that kind of time. And yes, some of the banana gets stuck inside but it isn't a waste- when you take it apart to rinse it, just scrape it into your bowl with a spoon. I found it super easy to use and it creates "ice cream" really quickly with little hassle. But if you don't like bananas, don't buy it. I'm happy with the money we save NOT buying ice cream and being able to serve my family a healthy alternative. My preschoolers BEG for it!

  • Xavier Houston - Eliminated tooth pain! Lost 22 pounds! Brain fog gone! Energy is back!

    I lost 15 pounds in two weeks when I started taking ThreeLac (it was all Candida!), and I was not exercising nor did I make any drastic dietary changes, but eliminating sugar and yeast helps a lot because that's what Candida survives on! (So no more bread, pasta/flour, etc.) I eventually lost a total of 60 pounds over a 4 month period (switching to a diet of organic fruit for breakfast and vegetables, organic fish, chicken for lunch/dinner, but found myself needing to eat less and less, the healthier I became, and I still wasn't exercising!)... I recommended this to my mother's friend and she lost 22 pounds in 10 days, no joke. It's not fat that you're losing, it's dead Candida! So it's healthy to lose that much weight so quickly. What's not healthy about removing 22 pounds of fungus from your body? My brain fog is gone, and my energy is back!!! Start with one a day for a few days, then two a day for a few days, keep increasing slowly and figure out how much your body can handle. TAKING TOO MUCH WILL KILL OFF THE CANDIDA TO QUICKLY AND MAKE YOU NAUSEOUS. Drink lots of water to help flush out the dead Candida which has been making you sick and tired all the time.

  • Melissa C. Johnson - The easiest diet ever

    This diet was so easy to follow and no I didn't buy everything in the book. As long as you can read you can do this diet. Seems like people who complain about the speciality foods are the ones who need to be reading the nutritional labels the most. Can't find the religous bread? No problem, I buy the generic store brand version and calculate accordingly. Example my store brand whole wheat hot dog buns have 0 sugar and 20 carbs total so SCORE... Can't find/don't want to order Almond milk? Then water down the whole or skim milk until it is in the acceptable carb/sugar can even add some cream to the milk if it is lacking flavor/thickness.

  • ktpo - Good price for an easy-to-use product

    I had been getting "Shellac" manicures at salons and was excited to try the Sensationail home system. I think most stores stock the Red and Raspberry ones normally but I prefer a more subtle look so I went with this French Manicure one.