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  • Kindle Customer - Nail bitting in places.

    Erica Sparks works for GNN with her very own news show and at the top of her game.She loves her work and is at the last debate of the Democrat candidates waiting to talk to the candidates as they enter the building. As the second candidate approaches her a bomb goes off and kills Buchanan, his wife and a number of people around them. This leaves Senator Michael Ortiz as the Democratic candidate. His wife Celeste who is very wealthy in her own right works with him toward the presidency. On the Republican side is Lucy Winters. She is very middle class looking and just does not have that bling the Ortiz couple seems to have. There is something not quite right with Mike Ortiz though and Erica intends to find out what it is before the general election. Some time ago Mike Ortiz was on a humanitarian trip to Iraq when he was kidnapped. He was a prisoner for 9 months and 9 days. Erica feels this is where the change came in his life and she starts working to find out what happened to him during that time. There are murders, kidnapping and time is running out. A must read!

  • Amazon Customer - Elves, Paladins, and Romans! Oh my!

    To get lost in a wonderful world/setting, premise, interesting characters. This is why I love books. This one does that for me. It doesn't have the prose or word rich vivid descriptions of Tolkien or Patrick Rothfuss. Nor does it have the total

  • ccm77 - I use Veggie Caps to take this with

    I have been using this for 2 weeks and I couldn't handle the taste so I got the veggie caps and put the drops in that and take it like a pill.

  • Lysa Ann - It ate my skin!!!

    This stuff literally ate my skin off. I followed the directions, and when I rinsed my face, my skin felt very VERY rough. I looked in the mirror and I had lots of little pieces of skin sticking up on my face. I immediately used a natural, fragrance free moisturizer, hoping it would help. It didn't. It took 3 days for my skin to return to somewhat normal. It freaked me out A LOT, and I'll never put this on my face again.

  • John P. Estes - A god send of relief from open wound pain and outstanding healing properties.

    After suffering from bedsores from being confined to a recliner due to back problems and only getting up for 5 minute periods every 2-3 hours, the nurses advised me to apply a vaseline cover with a gauzed pad changed daily. I on had read about this product on Google.I then proceeded to research further and found it on Amazon with glowing reviews. So I purchased a container and used it in place of the vaseline and I had tried vaseline one time and didn't feel it was doing anything, were after the first application of this, relieved from the pain and soothing of the silver dollar size open wounds started immediately. I continued to use it for several weeks, changing out daily the gauze coverings and it has almost completely healed, given me pain relief during the healing process and not made a vaseline like mess and absorbed into the wound rather than just cover it over. I'm so thankful I found this product, although a little expensive, a little has gone a long ways and it has done all it claims to due and I am still using must first purchased, it goes a long ways. If you have any open wounds or beginning ones appear I would apply this immediately if not for the pain relief alone. Its healing properties are remarkable as well.