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  • JenB - Did not work that well for me

    First off, these pills are huge. More than once I felt like I was going to choke on these. You can feel them going down your throat if they happen to move sideways on the way down. Ugh!

  • Pet Lover - Long Distance moMa

    I live in Myrtle Beach SC and my granddaughter lives in New York City. I sent a bunch of Frozen toys to her and he favorite was the Carry Tin.

  • Baris Karadenizli - Love it

    There is a reason why you see lots of these in the malls. It is lightweight, easy to pop-up, lots of value for the price level. If you have the chance, try to wait until christmas passes. We saw the price go down 15-20% in early January. By the way I think this product is fairly new, many of our friends who are parents of 5-6 yr olds do not know this product, referring us to uppa etc. No need to be "upper" scale than this.( not even the other B Ready model) So be careful while listening to advice from your friends, the stroller industry is advancing :-)

  • Beverly - The shakes and Passion are both horribly sweet (I have to use double to amount of ...

    I just finished my first week. Initially, I lost 8.5 lbs., but today it is only 5 lbs. The shakes and Passion are both horribly sweet (I have to use double to amount of water just so I can drink them). Even though I am drinking upwards of 5 litres of water per day, in addition to taking Pure, I have found myself to be dreadfully constipated a few times (which is something completely foreign for me). The first two days I had horrible headaches and was extremely hungry. (I found the headaches to be odd since I don't drink coffee and have only 1 cup of tea per day. I did not experience any of these side effects when I was on the HCG diet.) I will finish the 30 days and then make a final decision, but if I were to decide today, I would continue a similar diet using other shakes and supplements. This is way too expensive for the minimal results I've seen.

  • Hugh A. Banks - Nice Product, but there is one thing...

    ...The fragrance! Others have commented on the fragrance as well. It's nice, but WAY too strong initially (when first opened).

  • Chandra Hanes - Love the products

    I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray on my daughter every day. (Well, we shampoo/condition about twice a week.) I use the shampoo and gel on my son's hair in the same way. We have not had issues with lice yet. I would give the products 5 stars, but until they are around children with lice (we fought it for 6 months in the classroom last year!) I don't feel comfortable saying it absolutely works. For me, I figure we've got to buy shampoo etc. anyway, might as well use a preventative one. My daughter does tell me she hasn't noticed the gnats flying around her face lately. I was a little concerned about all the oil mentioned in the product, but I needn't have. My daughter's shoulder length hair always looks lovely. So much so I've started using the product myself just so my hair looks better! Can't beat a natural, organic product I guess.

  • J.C.Shopper - I bought this as a substitute for the Sebolux Shampoo ...

    I bought this as a substitute for the Sebolux Shampoo that Virbac discontinued. It works well to soothe the skin irritations that occur with two of my dogs in the summer . I used this only as a substitute and would have preferred SEBOLUX.