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    The Moobom 500 is a good quality head lamp. BUT!!! This product ships with batteries included. This is usually a good thing, but not in this case. The batteries that come with the headlamp will not work in this particular headlamp. Again, the headlamp is good, the batteries are good BUT THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE! The batteries will charge and work in handheld flashlights but will not seat properly in the battery housing on this unit. I contacted the seller and he apologized and promptly sent another one, BUT HE SENT THE SAME UNIT WITH THE SAME STYLE BATTERY! IT DOESN'T WORK! I once again told the seller and he said he called the factory who verified that the batteries and headlamp are not compatible. He told me that it would work with different batteries and it does. He also offered to refund my money. This was probably about a month ago and as far as I can tell he's still selling them with those same pink batteries that don't work! It's really a shame because the headlamp itself is actually nice.

  • NYFB - Manuka Honey...

    Manuka (tea shrub) is a type of honey found in New Zealand and Australia. 16 is the UMF=Unique Manuka Factor which also can be found in factors of 12 and 20. The higher the UMF, the more medicinal value. Most honey sold in US are treated somehow either by filtering, diluting, blending, pasteurizing... which removes pollens which identify where the honey was produced and without pollens, honey has no medicinal value. This honey is so superior that once consumed, it helps allergies due to pollen content and more and externally can be applied to the skin to treat any condition.

  • raymond r. ribal - s a good product. to give a better evaluation wii take ...

    some improvement was observed! nothing harmful occurred. it,s a good product . to give a better evaluation wii take more time. this request for an evaluation comes far to soon relative to the condition it clai,s to treat..