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  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!! My teeth are super white and it ...

    Amazing!! My teeth are super white and it is so easy to use. I tried crest white strips before and couldn't do it because it made my teeth super super sensitive. I have not had any type of sensitivity with your kit only thing is super white teeth! No discomfort whatsoever. I am just very pleased with your product and I have recommended it to everyone I know !

  • Chris Hibbert - Cute little parable

    Vonnegut imagines a little society of people who have been hypnotized into a stasis. It seems to be saying that we're all sleepwalking but not with any clear alternative. If we're lucky, something will come along, recognize our plight and free us.

  • georgie - Great book

    My reviews when I write them are not very discripted .but I just want to get across to readers the best way I can that I really enjoyed this book Heat goes again .Great book plenty of romance and ahh moments a fair bit of action strong men and women and a good plot about winged warriors needing mates from Earth.Makes you want to read the next one in the series and hope it is as good

  • 3littlekittens - Best mop ever!

    I am so happy with this mop. I really like that it's a string mop but has the squeezing action that a lot of string mops are missing so you don't have to get your hands all soggy and dirty wringing it out by hand. I also love that the head is removable and machine washable. I've washed it several times already and it's holding up very well so far. I think the head itself will last much longer because you can clean it MUCH more thoroughly than those you have to rinse by hand. Also, even when I need a new head I only have to pay to replace the head and I won't have to buy a whole new mop.

  • Terry or Diane Timmons - This Stuff Works

    This stuff works great. We were close to a total flea infestation until I used Fleabusters. It did take a couple of weeks before it took care of all of them but after that we've spent the whole summer flea free.