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  • Brian M - Good, but could be edited down a lot

    This book could be a third the size, and I would like it better. The essays by agents and different people are tedious. The basic information about the writer's market is, as always, exactly as needed.

  • B. Litzinger - Biotene PBF Mouthwash

    A change in medication made my mouth very dry. My Hygenist gave me a sample of Biotene and it made such a difference. I purchased my first bottle locally and then checked and have found this remarkable product in a larger size at a great price. It is a product that I will continue to use since it not only takes care of the dry mouth it also fights plaque. If you are thinking about it, don't give it another thought, buy it!

  • FlossnU2 - Hygienist loving this floss!!!

    I'm a dental hygienist and am loving this floss. I've told a lot of my patients about it! It is smooth, slides along tooth surface easily while removing plaque well. This is now my go to floss!