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Access Aid International - Access Aid International save lives, alleviates suffering and enhances human dignity by providing access to health care in the aftermath of natural disasters and conflict and by seeking to improve the resilience of communities that are vulnerable to crisis.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151 New South Wales, Australia

  • Emulia - Disappointed

    I have never been more disappointed! I bought this book, hoping for some extra practices from the test makers. However, the book only includes 3 tests, and they are all tfr the released test! We can get the material for free online. What a waste!

  • M.Pearson - Growing my hair out

    These are the best hair vitamins I've used in many years. There are no side affects...I take that back. Yes there is. Your nails...they grow like gangbusters, and are strong and healthy. I like short nails so I have to file every other week. I have told others about this product, and they've already seen a difference in their hair growth. I just started growing my hair out from a pixie cut and in 9 months my hair is now in a medium/long bob. I'm a happy camper. Oh, and I did not get a discount for my honest review. If a product is good, it deserves a good review.

  • Jay Adamczyk - Disappointed in some features, have to pay for some workouts

    The game is cool and the workouts get you sweating, but you can't make a custom workout. There are some workouts you can't do unless you buy them using Xbox Credits/Money, including a cool down which is one of the most important parts of a workout. For over $40 all the workouts should be available, and some workout are 'sponsored' by Gatorade and Humana, which seems odd. The sensor sometimes doesn't pick up a few of the movements we do, not sure if that is the game or sensor, but the sensor seems to work ok with other games.

  • GREGORY CRANZ - Pure Quality

    This is the best mouse that I have ever used. My ONLY complaint is that since it doesn't actually require a driver, the systems that I connect it to go looking for them & actually take longer to recover because they can't find them. THEN it works fine. But that's more of a gripe about Windows & OS/X than about the mouse.

  • Jazzman - May Be Harmful to Certain Kittens

    Just applied this product as directed to my two short haired tabbies. One seems to be doing fine, but the other occasionally wimpers and does not want to be touched. He also has mucus running from his nose, and I just noticed some loose stools on the floor. After the application, I immediately attempted to remove the product through washing with water and a gentle soap, again as directed. I feel just awful having done this to my kitten and will probably have to take him to the vet today. Please sample the product in small areas before using "generously" on the body as directed. As for the product, it does kill fleas. However, I will discontinue use if these are the results I can expect.

  • Diane Asaro - Good Quality! Ok Assembly. A little Squeaky

    Overall, we are very happy with the purchase. The assembly can be a little bit troublesome but wasnt crazy. Mine squeaks a bit but was told that was because the floor is carpeted. Its not loud.