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  • Ariana - When can I get the rest??

    Typically, I fly through the beginning chapters of books to get to the meaty parts- I have the attention span of a thermos. Not the case with Chasing Mayflies! Every paragraph is a complete pleasure and I found myself rereading pages rather than skipping them as I quite often do! This story's greatest success is that it keeps you super interested, invested in the characters, and wanting more, can't wait for the rest!!!

  • James Alan Michael - The Truth Will Set You Free

    My wife and I have been on a long journey of discovering and finding out the truth about supplements and developing and maintaining a healthy eating regimen. Bingo! Watching Benny Hinn one day and Dr. Wallach was on sharing this book at its accompanying cd. Both media pieces are a must have to those who are suffering all types of physical maladies and are not satisfied with the medical professions approach to disease that is to write a script. Most often these medications do more harm than good. The truth will set you free!

  • Lorna Nahale - Great product!

    I bought this product for my son. He uses it to add resistance to his everyday training. We would on occasion race each other up a hill near our house and normally I would win but I am now ashamed to say he blew me away on the last one!

  • Grace - Best teeth whitening product I've used.

    This product is great. I have tried other teeth whitening systems in the past, and have never really been satisfied with them. This one is nice, since I actually saw results after the first time using it. It doesn't have too bad of a taste in your mouth, and it's relatively simple to use. I can just watch TV or do chores around my house while I have it in, and it makes the time go by faster. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Ben Stephens - Amazing travel jacket, but stupid velcro is awful.

    I took this jacket to New Zealand in the middle of winter. It rained every day, but I stayed dry and the jacket packs up into nothing. It's crazy. It looks good, too.

  • C. Logan - Work well

    I'm very happy with these. I like the look of the steel instead of the black as well. No issues with them lighting up. I hope to attach them to some fence posts so that they stick above them for fence lighting. Nice way to illuminate along the yard when letting the dog out at night. They aren't crazy super bright, about the same as most solar lights. Glad I got them.