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  • http://www.airdzd.com/st_tour/charm-el-cheikhcaire-2016-promos/ Charm el-Cheikh/Caire 2016 PROMOS - Airdzd.com - Charm el-Cheikh littéralement la Baie du Cheikh est une ville d’Égypte et un important... Après PD transfert par bus à l'aéroport de Charm el-Cheikh
  • http://www.airdzd.com/st_hotel/hotel-bel-air-hammamet/ Airdzd.com: Hotel Bel Air Hammamet - Tunisie - Hotel Bel Air Hammamet Cet établissement est à 6 minutes à pied de la plage. Situé à Hammamet, dispose d'une réception..
  • http://www.airdzd.com/st_hotel/hotel-samira-club-hammamet/ Hotel Samira Club Hammamet - Hotel Samira Club Hammamet Situé directement sur une magnifique plage de sable fin, au milieu d’un foisonnement de palmiers et de verdure, et au même...

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  • Nicole - Great idea for a toy, keeps my 7 months old entertained

    This is such a great idea for a baby toy, my son (7 months) absolutely loves it. You blow up the edges with air and fill in the middle with water, however much you choose. It was not super easy to get the water in without spilling, so it should be done over a sink. However, it was worth it because my son thinks this toy is the coolest. He loves trying to push around the fish toys inside. The plastic seems thick and like it will hold well, however, if you were to poke it with something sharp I'm sure it would pop, just like anything else like this. But, so far no issues, I just keep sharp items away from it. I also do keep my three year old away from it as I am sure he could find some way to pop it. But for a baby, awesome toy. Would buy this again for sure.

  • Deborah Discenza - It was amazing. HIGHLY recommend

    My daughter is on the autism spectrum and due to her extremely limited diet that lacks most fruits and all veggies we had constantly dealt with illnesses one after another. I had had her going to a nutritionist, paying out of pocket for a compounded multi-vitamin that helped boost her immune system and more. Well, that got really costly and doctors hesitated about signing off on it through insurance because they are not nutritionists and doubt the validity of the vitamins. So I went with these vitamins to help boost my daughter. After one year of 16 times out of school, this new supplement had her out only 1 in the last school year. It was amazing. HIGHLY recommend!

  • Brad H - This is a great product to aid with perfect golden brown chocolate chip ...

    This is a great product to aid with perfect golden brown chocolate chip cookies. I use the non -stick version of Reynolds regularly for items that need a perfect glide off of the baking sheet when done (cookies,ect -that you do not want to break apart) and/or for items like salmon and chicken that need to be flipped half way through cooking. The product is a higher price so be sure to only use it for cooking and have a cheaper roll available for wrapping and food storage where you do not need the no-stick. The product is embossed with the Reynolds logo on the actually foil giving it a "designer" look.

  • Kezia O - Lovely Packaging

    I have used this product only a few times when I skip my prescription Retin-A. I like the smell of it, and it works really well for overnight clear-ups. I use it under a moisturizing night cream.