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Women's Clinic Anchorage - OBGYN - Alaska Women's Health PC - We are the only women's health care provider in Alaska with the Safety Certification in Outpatient Excellence, (SCOPE). For over 30 years, our practice has provided quality health care for women of all ages in Anchorage and surrounding areas.

  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/ouroffice.html Alaska Women's Health PC - OBGYN in Anchorage - Our Office - - Read about Alaska Women's Health's providers, prescription renewals, our services, hospital affiliations, and contact information.
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/ourproviders.html Alaska Women's Health PC - OBGYN - Our Providers - - We have a variety of providers to choose from including physicians and midwives. To learn more about our providers view their individal pages. We are sure we have the right provider for you.
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/advancedlaparoscopic.html Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery in Anchorage - Laparoscopic surgical techniques allow surgery to be performed with less trauma to patients, and minimal damage to body tissues. This often means fewer days in the hospital, and much less pain during recovery.
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/davinci.html Da Vinci Robotic Surgery - Alaska Women's Health - With da Vinci® Surgery, a hysterectomy requires only a few small incisions, so patients can get back to life more quickly than the usual weeks required with traditional surgery.
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/laparoscopicburch.html Laparoscopic Burch Procedure - Hysterectomy - Alaska Women's Health - The Laparoscopic Burch procedure corrects the weakness so that during a 'stress' activity, the bladder does not move down and allow urine to escape.
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/laparoscopicvault.html Laparoscopic Vault Suspension - Alaska Women's Health - Vaginal vault prolapse occurs when the apex of the vagina (upper 1/3 of the vagina) has broken away from its original support structure known as the uterosacral ligaments. The uterosacral ligaments hold up the apex and the uterus when the uterus is in place
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/tensionfree.html Tension-free Vaginal Tape Sling Procedure - Alaska Women's Health - Tension-free vaginal tape is used to correct stress incontinence caused by sagging of the urethra. It is a relatively simple procedure that can be done with minimal hospitalization and recovery time.
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/family-planning-and-contraceptive-counseling.html Family Planning / Birth Control - Anchorage Women's Health - Alaska Women’s Health, PC offers several options in birth control from temporary to permanent methods.
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/gynecologymain.html Anchorage Gynecologist OBGYN - Alaska Women's Health - Alaska Women's Health is a Women's Clinic In Anchorage - Obstetrics, Gynecology, Urogynecology, Infertility, Family Planning
  • http://www.akwomenshealth.com/gynecologyresources.html Gynecology and Breast Resources / Websites - Alaska Women's Health - Useful Gynecology and Breast Cancer / Health Resources - Reading Lists and Online Resources & Websites

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