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Alcohol Treatment Centers Washington (202) 747-0540 - Speak to a drug rehabilitation specialist at Alcohol Treatment Centers Washington today at (202) 747-0540 to find out more about it.

  • http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenterswashingtondc.com/alcohol-rehab-washington-dc/ Alcohol Rehab in Washington DC (202) 747-0540 - At our alcohol rehab centers, we treat the short and long-term impact of alcohol use disorders. Call us today at 202-747-0540 to get the treatment you need.
  • http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenterswashingtondc.com/drug-treatment-centers-washington-dc/ Drug Treatment Centers in Washington DC (202) 747-0540 - To find out more about which Drug Treatment Centers would best suit your needs, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Washington at (202) 747-0540.
  • http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenterswashingtondc.com/dual-diagnosis-washington-dc/ Dual Diagnosis in Washington DC (202) 747-0540 - A dual diagnosis means someone has both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. Get more in by calling us today at (202) 747-0540.
  • http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenterswashingtondc.com/medical-detox-washington-dc/ Medical Detox Washington DC (202) 747-0540 - Medical detox is the process and experience of a withdrawal syndrome under medical supervision. Call our addiction specialists today at (202) 747-0540.
  • http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenterswashingtondc.com/recovery-programs-washington-dc/ Recovery Programs in Washington DC (202) 747-0540 - To find out more about the recovery programs and services available at Alcohol Treatment Centers Washington, call (202) 747-0540.
  • http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenterswashingtondc.com/alcohol-withdrawal-washington-dc/ Alcohol Withdrawal in Washington DC (202) 747-0540 - Alcohol withdrawal refers to the physiological process that takes place when alcohol intake is stopped. Call us today at (202) 747-0540.
  • http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenterswashingtondc.com/prescription-drug-abuse-washington-dc/ Prescription Drug Abuse Washington DC (202) 747-0540 - Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in modern society, with detox often required to break the bonds of addiction. Call (202) 747-0540.

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  • Garean Smith - Nothin'

    1995 chevy lumina. Coolant was leaking into my oil and the mixture was leaking all over my garage. Put this stuff in after hearing all the good news of others. Nothin. Made my engine run harder and spray the coolant-oil sludge even harder. Im just going to replace the Damn gasket or whatever myself. Thanks to Amazon, I managed to creat a shopping list of under $100 to fix it myself. Props to Amazon. But to this stuff... Nope. Maybe my engine was roo far gone for this stuff. So instead I'll just give a 2.

  • Artii - made my dentist smile

    Great value got it for 1/2 the price at bb and beyond does a great job, has too many options so it can do everything but change oil. Careful it is powerful. I put mouth wash in it. tried to use scotch flavor but wife did not like idea. humor aside it is a good thing

  • noah thingortoo - Transformed my worn-out tub... Time will tell if it's durable.

    Though it was fairly labor-intensive, this product transformed a really worn-out tub. When I was finished, it looked brand new, with a smooth and even, lustrous finish. I spent almost two hours carefully cleaning my 70 year old steel tub--it was worn away to the metal in spots, and had chips, scratches, rust, and adhesive non-slip decals. In other words, it was in really bad shape. I sanded it with 100-grit paper on my belt sander, then cleaned it carefully with CLR and Barkeeper's Friend, then finished it with another 220-grit sanding. Even after two hours, I still found little areas of soap scum and grout... My advice to everyone: Plan to spend a LOT of time cleaning the tub. Also, tape carefully, as you would for a painting job. You want to be able to go all the way to the edge, and even build up a little epoxy at the corners and angles, which you can only do if you've carefully taped. The epoxy itself went on very easily. I did three coats in about four hours, waiting around an hour between each coat. (That's the label recommendation, and I found it to be accurate--an hour to dry between coats.) When finished, I still had a few tablespoons left over, which I'll throw out, as the pot life is seven hours. (Not six, as several people have said here.) So there's ample product for three coats in a standard bathtub in poor condition. I exclusively used 4-inch foam rollers, and went through 2 or 3 foam covers per coat. Since the epoxy is sticky and dries fast, the foam rollers must be pristine, otherwise they shed foam. (If you do get a piece of foam in the paint, just remove it carefully and carry on... It doesn't matter.) The foam rollers have rounded ends, which I used to to those areas in the tub that were left a little thin by the roller (corners). I didn't find the odor so terrible as others did. Hm... Bits of advice: Make the first coat very thin--cover everything, but RESIST THE URGE to touch up. That's what subsequent coats are for. Short strokes in one direction are best. The epoxy is self leveling, and I filled some dents and chips using the epoxy, and it looks great, you can't tell where the chips were. (The label tells you to repair the chips with another product, but if you sand them well and then "pool" the epoxy a little, you'll get a nice finish.)

  • SteveinDenver - Great fit, but careful with tightening too much.. whoops!

    Be careful with tightening too much. The screws strip out easily. My fault really. Other than that it fits as advertised and I use it to haul my snowboards up the mountains every weekend without any issue.

  • Scott Menin - If you don't have much investment education, this is the book for you.

    As someone who never had much education on finance/investing, I found this book to be very well written for those of my ilk. I really feel that I have a much stronger understanding of the stock market and investing. In addition, I appreciate the development of a concise investment strategy as part of the goals of this book. In particular, I felt the examples of effects by real life occurrences were helpful in understanding various strategies.