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Allegra Strategies - Allegra Strategies is a leading strategic research consultancy focusing on food, retail and hospitality.

  • http://www.allegrastrategies.com/Industry-Expertise/World-Coffee-Portal.aspx Allegra Strategies - World Coffee Portal - The Allegra World Coffee Portal is a global research platform delivering real-time, valuable country-level information, trends and analysis on the coffee, coffee shop and related markets.

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  • Amazon Customer - Exciting and unique from start to finish

    Cannot express how good these books were. Cannot wait to read the next 2 books and see where the adventure goes


    Why fix it if it isn't "broke". The old Ojon was fabulous and now that it has been bought by a major cosmetics line, the quality of the product has gone down hill. I will no longer buy the new line -- the old line was fabulous, but now Ojon is concentrated with additives and does not seem as pure or as effective as before. Please bring back the old product.

  • Working Mom in FL - Cuts well, holds well in hand

    I left my previous shears outside in the rain accidently for several weeks, forgot all about them, needless to say they weren’t very useful afterwards. I saw this deal and picked it up. I have a small container garden at this point so the small shears are great for pruning my vegetable and herb plants. I had to do some pruning of my azalea trees and bushes this past weekend and I have a set of long handled bypass pruners but I need to get some small branches near the base of the trees and these handheld bypass pruners were great. The handle is comfortable to hold and handled a stem as large as 1/3”. Very happy with this purchase.

  • D. C. Lawson - Diabetes, weight management, Detoxifier, Reduce Cellulite

    Slim and Sassy works to balance metabolism and cuts cravings for food and works for diabetics to regulate sugar levels.

  • Kyle Talty - I'm absolutely livid.

    I bought this about a month ago for Christmas. When my current subscription ended recently, I went to download this one. When I put in the disk, it prompted me to type in the product key. Problem was, I wasn't given one. I looked outside and inside the box multiple times. I checked every square inch of. The disc sleeve, the instruction card, and the Norton Zone advertisement...nothing. It looks like I have to buy a new one (multiple computers in the house, so I have to buy this one again). This seriously makes me consider never buying another Norton product ever again. Hopefully I don't get a virus on my PC until I can get a new anti-virus.