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  • Sae Han Park - The installation is really easy and they feel extremely sturdy

    I've used back seat mirrors for the first two years of my children's voyages purchased from meijers. I cannot believe that I did not get these from the get go. The amount of stress it would have saved me to not have to readjust the mirrors countless of times is well worth the little extra cash you need to put into purchasing these. The installation is really easy and they feel extremely sturdy. I love how you can adjust the mirrors utilizing the ball point hinge. Hands down, a great mirror!

  • Alaskan Islanders - Great, but limited to wi-fi signal coverage and strength.

    Note: This is an unfinished review. More will be added as I am able to fully test the camera. I know there are more Cons than Pros, but I don't find the Cons major problems. And some of them may be deleted once I get an answer from the company.

  • Kris - Looks Great

    Love It, Fits and looks nice and stylish. I don't listen to the Radio Anyways, I just wanted something better looking that the standard OEM antenna.

  • HK is OK - Excellent product with two faults.

    I really enjoy having this phone. It is sophisticated, having some very desirable features. The Android 4.0 is a big improvement. The pull down controls are super handy. It allows for some quick changes like turning on/off wifi, data, screen brightness, rotation and some others. I like that a lot. The large screen is bright, clear and sharp. Touch response is excellent. Buttons controls are solid and the camera is excellent.

  • Nick S. - So handy and solid backup ready to go

    I use it all the time to clone my three computers, it has saved me so much time and truble many times when something goes wrong or think I have be hit with a vires, just get out my clone drive copy it to the computers hard drive and I don't need to reset a thing, the only way to back up your computer.

  • Lolo - Perfect for our needs

    I wanted a stroller that was lighter than my Chicco Cortina from baby 1 but not $300+ in case baby 2 hated riding in a stroller. I was torn between the City Mini and the B-agile and, after watching You Tube reviews and reading up on both strollers, we went with the b-agile. It's light, very easy to push, easy to fold, and fits easily in the back of our minivan. My husband likes the fact that the b-agile doesn't have a bar that connects the back two wheels so, unlike other strollers we've owned, he doesn't kick it. You can take long strides and not kick the back of the stroller. We use this for power walks around the neighborhood and trips to the park. We also own a BOB doullie but it's a beast and this stroller is great for when just one kid needs to ride in it. Note: This is not a jogging stroller but it's very stable and can handle quick walks on uneven cement. It's stable regardless of whether my 12lb newborn is in it or my 38lb 4 year old. The lack of full recline is not an issue, even for a newborn. Our baby was able to ride in it as a newborn with the Britax infant insert. At 13 weeks, she still uses the insert but could probably go without it. The canopy is very large and keeps the sun off of her newborn skin. The basket on the bottom has enough room to hold several pool towels and snacks. My 40 inch 4 year old has plenty of room to sit in it as well. If you are on the fence about whether to buy a nice umbrella stroller and/or don't want to spend the money on a City Mini, I highly recommend this as an alternative.

  • William - Good printer for great price

    This is a great deal! The printer is great and is compatible with my widows 7 computer and my Cooper point of sale software. The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 stars is because of the lack of instructions. What I did to set up the printer is I selected the driver C.D. under computer and clicked on POS-58. Then it should take you to the install wizard. It will run but when it asks you for a port and has a drop down arrow click the arrow and select usb001. Finish the set-up, then make sure it is your default printer buy the start button on the computer, then devices and printers, look and see if the POS printer has a green check mark next to it and if so you are all set up but if not right click the printer icon for the POS printer and click on set as default printer. Once finished you are all set up!