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  • Bill R - Great Purchase - You can't go wrong with this company.

    I'd give it a 5 star but the raft broke after 2 months of use. The weak link is the mesh netting. It tore from the seam and punctured a hole in it. I was able to repair the hole with a type B patch kit. I've yet to test it out, but the leak seemed to have stopped and it's holding air. Other than that I will say that this is a beast of a raft. I've had 14 adults on it and it holds up just fine. I believe that the rip is due to people constantly stepping on the mesh when they walk in. If you can be discipline enough to distribute your body weight it should last longer. Be gentle with it, and it should last many summers. Mine is now a 7 seater as I had to cut the mesh out to repair the hole. I will be more careful from here on out and see if we can make it last long enough to purchase another one in a month or so.

  • luieji - Very comfortable and roomy for people over 6 ft tall

    Very comfortable and roomy for people over 6 ft tall. Mine has the eyesight system with adaptive cruise control. Vehicle will maintain speed until it recognizes that it has another vehicle in front, then it adjust speed and maintain proper distance. Gas milage is decent, expect around 26 mpg combined driving. Cabin is spacious and quiet. The voice recognition is not as good as the Ford but it dows a decent job. Sound system is really awesome with a good heavy base, the Harmond Karmand system must trully wonderful if the base unit sounds this good.

  • bjdub82 - Does not live up to the reviews I read....

    I was so excited about this, hearing it was better than the Amope. However, when I received it, I was seriously let down. It has no power to it. I touch it lightly to my skin, not even pressing, and it stops turning. I wrote the company explaining my concerns that maybe something was defective with it. I even tried different batteries. I never heard one word from the company. I should probably just try to return it because it was a waste of money. Should have spent the extra and went with Amope.

  • recyclequeen - hallmark card studio deluxe 2012

    I purchashed 2012 version 0f Hallmark card making. copyright on back of cards created is 2011, which I am not please with!

  • Dante Skidmore - Broke after 6 months...

    It looks like I'm not alone. Almost all the 1 star ratings had product default issues. Clearly there are some quality control issues going on with this product's manufacturing. One day it worked fine. The next day it started shutting off mid-brushing... and I had to wait 30 seconds or so before it would turn back on again. After a week of this, I now get about 45 seconds to brush my teeth before it becomes manual and won't turn back on again.

  • Brad Berkowitz - Good quality and easy to use treadmill.

    It is a very well made and sturdy machine. The motor is quiet and controls easy to use. Only complaint is some of the assembly was not that clear and bolts hard to line up.