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American Health Value, HSAs Done Right! - Our mission is to provide the most efficient, economical and user-friendly Health Savings Account (HSA) program in the nation.

  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/hsa_member_login/ American Health Value HSA Member Login - Our online portal where our HSA members login to gain access to their health savings accounts.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/hsa_forms/account_application_form/ HSA Application Selection - The simple and convenient HSA account application starting point. Select which HSA option suits you best.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/agent_toolbox/new_agent_registration/ New Agent Registration - Register as an agent with American Health Value today! Get exclusive access to marketing flyers, sales forms & brochures, HSA selling strategies, employer/employee calculators & more!
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/what_is_an_hsa_/ Health Savings Accounts, Explained - A health savings account (HSA) is a tax-deferred, private savings account designed to pay for medical expenses with tax-free dollars.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/value-added_hsa/ Value Added Health Savings Account - Describes the advantages to having a health savings account or HSA through American Health Value's administration. Lists all of the benefits and perks you get with your account.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/how_to_apply/ How to Apply - All of the simple methods we accept for HSA enrollment including our secure online application, a link to our printable application, and our rollover forms.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/hsa_forms/ HSA Forms - A comprehensive list of all the health savings account forms our clients would ever need all in one convenient location.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/fund_my_hsa/ Fund My HSA - Details all the available methods to fund your health savings account. You may fund securely online, or send check by mail for individuals and employer groups.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/hsa_legislation/ HSA Legislation - Conveniently categorizes and lists all of the IRS Guidelines, Regulations, and Legislation relevant to health savings accounts.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/health_savings_accounts/hsa_faq/ Frequently Asked HSA Questions - A frequently asked questions page dedicated to easily organizing common questions people have regarding health savings accounts.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/flexible_spending_accounts/what_is_an_fsa_/ What is an FSA? - Learn all about Flexible Spending Accounts and how they work from our strategic partner, Integraflex.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/free_discount_plans/ Free Healthcare Discount Card Overview - Instantly save up to 70% on Prescriptions, Dental, Hearing, Vision & Medical Lab costs with our Free Healthcare Discount Program!
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/free_discount_plans/pharmacy_discount/ Free Pharmacy Discount Card - Instantly save up to 65% at thousands of pharmacies across the country with our Free Pharmacy Discount Card! Locate a pharmacy near you to start saving today.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/free_discount_plans/dental_discount/ Free Dental Discount Card - Instantly save up to 40% at thousands of dentists across the country with our Free Dental Discount Card! Locate a dentist near you to start saving today.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/free_discount_plans/vision_discount/ Free Vision Discount Card - Instantly save up to 50% at thousands of optometrists and clinics across the country with our Free Vision Discount Program!
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/free_discount_plans/hearing_discount/ Free Hearing Discount Card - ly receive a deep discount at thousands of clinics and stores across the country with our Free Hearing Discount Card!
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/agent_toolbox/ HSA Agent Toolbox - The area of our website dedicated to the insurance agent, full of marketing materials, HSA forms & selling strategies & more!
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/agent_toolbox/hsa_forms/ HSA Client Forms - A list of all our HSA forms in one convenient place for our registered insurance agents.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/contact/ Contact American Health Value - Lists the numerous ways we make ourselves available to anyone who needs to contact us. Call, email, fax, mail, or electronically submit a direct question instantly.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/hsa_media/the_american_health_value_daily/ The American Health Value Daily Newspaper - A collection of relevant healthcare-related news articles, visual and social media stories from around the web, all in one convenient location.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/company/independent_hsa_administrator/ Independent HSA Administrator - American Health Value is the nation's leading independent HSA administrator. Since 1996, we've been managing MSAs/HSAs for our members nationwide.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/company/leadership/ Leadership - Michael B. Berry has held the position of CEO and President of American Health Value (AHV) for over 15 years. Read more...
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/company/performance_standards/ Performance Standards - At American Health Value, you're not just an account number. We pride ourselves in keeping the highest standards in customer service, and we always put our members first.
  • http://www.americanhealthvalue.com/company/strategic_partnerships/ Creating Strategic Partnerships - Creating strategic partnerships with agents and businesses has been a part of our day to day business model for the last 13 years. We're always looking to improve our services for our members in any way possible.

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