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American Well: Telemedicine Technology Solutions - Telemedicine services for health systems, health plans, employers, and physicians. Improving patient outcomes through live video visits with board-certified doctors.

  • https://www.americanwell.com/telehealth-solution/ Telehealth - American Well - Your telehealth solution doesn't need to be complicated. Partner with American Well to offer a secure and mobile telehealth experience.
  • https://www.americanwell.com/telemedicine-solution-hospitals/ Telemedicine By You, For Your Patients - American Well - Telemedicine gives your hospital the reach it needs. Learn how to get started today.
  • https://www.americanwell.com/telehealth-solution-health-plans/ Telehealth Is A Benefit Employers Love - American Well - Employers want telehealth. Offer a flexible solution as part of your solution package.
  • https://www.americanwell.com/telehealth-benefit-for-employees/ Telehealth for Employees - American Well - Telehealth is the one employee benefit your employees and your medical budget will love. Learn how to include it in your benefits package.
  • https://www.americanwell.com/telehealth-platform-mobile-web-kiosk/ Telehealth Technology On Mobile And Web - American Well - Our telehealth software is versatile and scalable. Patients can access doctors on their computers, tablets and phones or even through an onsite kiosk.
  • https://www.americanwell.com/exchange/ The Exchange - American Well - With the Exchange, we lift the virtual barriers and enable our partners to connect and exchange services with one another, instantly, online.

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  • Marc - Surprisingly good value.

    I purchased this generator because having emergency back up power for northern New England winters is a good idea. I kept putting it off because of price and never being truly motivated to get one except during those times of the year when generators are hard to come by and command top dollar. When I found the Durostar DS4000S on sale for even less than it's already low regular Amazon price, I finally ran out of reasons to procrastinate.

  • jennifer deshields - Entertainment for kids

    My ten year old requested this book and has been pointing out things that have caught his interest since he received it. I have even caught the nineteen year old reading it.

  • Melinda J. - Fantastic!

    I am on oxygen 24 hrs. a day and therefore have terribly dry nostrils - to the point of frequent bloody noses. Maty's ointment is the only product I have found that works, and it does, wonderfully. Most products contain petroleum which cannot be used with oxygen. Maty's does not. I use it with a Q-tip several times a day and it heals, lasts, and keeps my nostrils from getting sores. I only wish it was easier to find!

  • ranreviewdom - FINALLY!

    I was so tired of my guy friends hounding me about how my pens were smelling so girly after my girlfriend started using them. The people at BIC did all right by me. Finally, a pen that's perfect for her birthday/anniversary/christmas/etc. Along with the kitchen that I built with my own two burly hands, and a recipe book on a thousand ways to make sandwiches. Thanks BIC, your next lager is on me.

  • 3 to go - PERFECT!!

    Total bargain for the price! We needed something for our two mixed bread dogs to share. One is 50 lbs and the other is 15 lbs. this is so spacious we put in a flat rectangular dog bed the size of the house. They have plenty of room to either curl up in the back to stay away from the entrance or stretch out facing the entrance side by side. It's solid (already had a windy night and didn't budge), fairly easy to build (took about an hour because husband had "help" from our 10 & 7 year old daughters slowing him down). The flaps work great. We had rain and both dogs and the bed stayed dry. The price was extremely affordable since both dogs fit and shipping time was perfect as it arrived weekend before the first real heavy rain. Kids loved personalizing the house with the enclosed letter decals.

  • Kristy - not good

    The soda tastes awful; especially the root beer. It left an awful after taste; even worse than off-brand diet soda. The cola wasn't much better. I'll pay the extra for a real soda when I want one.

  • Johnny - Crew cab weatherthec

    I posess a 2013 1500-Rambox Crew Cab and I desided to protect the full floor with a weather tech carpet. It work GREAT!!! It came with a complete set for the front an back of the floor ( of course, front a back sets were spayed separately). The company made a perfect mold of the entire floor to cover precise areas on the floor. I'm satisfyed with this product.